Microbiology and Chemistry

  1. I'm scheduled to begin Micro in Jan. I also have to complete chemistry. Would I be hanging myself if I were to register for Chem. also (same semester) and take them together? Kinda confused.
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  3. by   Princess_M83
    Quote from JumpingIn
    I'm scheduled to begin Micro in Jan. I also have to complete chemistry. Would I be hanging myself if I were to register for Chem. also (same semester) and take them together? Kinda confused.
    My Cousin is doing this same thing in January. As long as the school lets you and you think you can handle if, I would go for it.
  4. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    If you are felling that you will do fine in chemistry I would say - go for it In my opinion chemistry is really easy (basic math) so if you did fine in math you won't have any problems with it.
    You can try. If you will be felling that it is too much you can always drop the class. Of course when they will still give you 100% refund without W
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    I took chemistry before all the bio classes and thought it wasn't too bad. It really depends on how challenging the classes are at your school and how hard you need to work to do well in science and math. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with taking them at the same time though.
  6. by   soviyana
    I agree with the others. I'm taking Chemistry and A&P right now and find the two compliment each other. Next semester (Jan. 09) is Organic and Micro. I'm trying to make my other classes easier (like Intro to Soc.) so I can concentrate on what I know will be hard, but not impossible. For my first semester back, I'm finding that all it takes is... time. Time to study, time to think, time to study, time to study, time to......
  7. by   JumpingIn
    :wink2:Thanks to everyone that responded. There's so much support on this site.
  8. by   lnewman128
    Quote from JumpingIn
    I'm scheduled to begin Micro in Jan. I also have to complete chemistry. Would I be hanging myself if I were to register for Chem. also (same semester) and take them together? Kinda confused.
    I would NOT recommend doing BOTH classes at the same time...not to say it cannot be done; however, Micro will be A LOT EASIER if you take Chem first (most schools [like mine]) won't allow you to take Micro without Chem first as a prerequisite. You could try it and drop the Micro if it gets tough. The other thing is Micro is an essential class for Nursing so you will want to ace it for your transcript! If you do both, you may not be able to put the effort in that it takes. You will need the Chem for metabolic pathways (i.e. Glycolysis). Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  9. by   xenonaut
    I took Chem before Micro, but it didn't really seem necessary imho...
  10. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    taking chemistry first gives you a leg up on microbiology. many schools will let you take both at the same time. from the consensus at ocean county college (occ) in toms river, nj, chemistry and micro are not nearly as demanding as a&p i or a&p ii.

    if you have already taken a&p ii then you can take both chemistry and microbiology at occ. both chemistry and microbiology can be taken totally online at occ with the lab kit being sent to your home for a "hands on" experience. everything is done on a micro-scale so it is safe and environmentally friendly. they brag that students are taking their pre-requisite science courses from states as far away as alaska and hawaii. the online chemistry course is actually taught by a nurse and students praise the course on rate my professor dot com.

    here are the links:

    introductory chemistry online: http://www.ocean.edu/academics/progr...stryonline.htm
    general chemistry online: http://www.ocean.edu/academics/progr...tryionline.htm
    microbiology online:

    my friend turned me onto online courses. she completed a bsn and is now completing an msn totally online. she encourged me to take my science pre-requistes online. it really helps if you have a full-time job and are a full-time mom!

    good luck
    jersey nursing girl
  11. by   hiddencatRN
    Be careful with online science- schools in my area will not accept online courses for certain science prerequisites. Just do a quick look in to the policies for where you want to transfer them to (presuming you're taking them to transfer).
  12. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    as far as schools not accepting online courses for prerequisites, most transcripts will not specify whether a course was taken completely face-to-face, web-assisted, or totally online. harvard, the johns hopkins and mit all have online courses.

    i would suggest a don't ask, don't tell policy. you can just tell them truthfully that the course was from a regionally accredited college or university. i think it almost impossible to take a course today that by the strictest measure isn't at least a web-assisted course. if they require no web access to content material in a given course, they are very "old school."

    i agree with hiddencat that you should check in advance if any pre-requisite course will be accepted from another school. for example, ocean county college makes it very difficult to transfer in a nutrition course from any outside school.

    jersey nursing girl
  13. by   IHeartPhysiology
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Personally, I thinks those are two pretty hefty classes to take at once. At my school, though, you cant take chemistry with micro because chem is a prerequisite for both the A/P sequence and microbiology. So for me, it was a non-issue. Good luck.
  14. by   CalNevaMimi
    I'm finishing up Microbiology -- two weeks left. I've been a student on and off since 1987 (BA Humanities, teaching credential). It has been the most difficult and annoying class I've ever had! Geez, I'm no slouch when it comes to being a student. Please take Chemistry first. They counted mine from high school (it's okay to have a belly laugh at that one). It would have been SO MUCH easier to have Chem fresh in my mind before taking Micro. But hey, I've got a strong B, so whatever. Good luck and remember, as a previous post says, you can always drop a class if you change your mind. :spin: