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  1. Graduates, current students, and those awaiting entry into HCC's LPN-RN bridge program, please post your experiences, thoughts, advice, etc. about the program here.
  2. JumpingIn

    Mountain State University LPN-BSN program Info please

    Has that person mentioned what their current plan is now that their original plan was derailed? I actually spoke with a representative of Mount.State and was told that those students who's graduations were delayed r/t the accreditation problem, would be directed to UDC and other DC metro schools to help. Apparently, Mount.State has a relationship with those schools and they are aware of what has happened. I don't really know every detail though. My reason for calling was only to question if they were ever going to get the accreditation back--still don't have that answer. Whatever happens, I'll pray for those folk.
  3. JumpingIn

    LPN to BSN in North Carolina

    Thank you- I'm going to do some research on those schools. I'll post an update of any further info.
  4. JumpingIn

    LPN to BSN

    What school are u attending?
  5. JumpingIn

    LPN to BSN in North Carolina

    Please share your experiences about any LPN to BSN bridge programs throughout North Carolina. Thank you:nurse:
  6. JumpingIn

    LPN to BSN

    PLEASE Share your experiences about LPN to BSN programs... There are very few threads that are specific to LPN's advancing into programs other than ADN programs. If anyone is attending, are attending, or have any information regarding the more advanced degree bridges, please share. Thank you.
  7. Are there any LPN to BSN anywhere near Charlotte, NC or even within an 1hours drive? If anyone has attended, please share your expericences.
  8. JumpingIn

    looking for a LPN to RN program in West Virginia

    Mountain State University has an LPN-BSN program. "Google" the website. I think it's 5 or 6 semesters and you only go 1-2 nights a week. One of the float nurses where I work mentioned the school. There is also a posting on this site that talks about Mountain State U in WV.
  9. JumpingIn

    LPN-RN bridge program that only requires 3 Nur Classes?

    To answer your question, no; less time spent in school is not always better (for some). If you generally adapt well, maybe it will work for you. My question for you is, what is the name of the school only requiring 3 courses for transition?
  10. JumpingIn

    Mountain State University LPN-BSN program Info please

    Do they conduct the program at the Martinsburg, WV or Washington DC campuses?
  11. http://www.ghnts.com
  12. JumpingIn

    Fat Lpn Student

    Without compromising your integratey, you may just have to put someone in their place (whether in private or subtley out in the open). IF SOMETHING OR SOMEONE IS TAKING YOUR SUNSHINE AWAY, you may have to take a proactive approach and speak up. Most times we have to let things roll off, because we know that some things just don't make or break us. The world is rough so, we all take our hits. HOWEVER--DON'T ALLOW ANYONE OR ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU FEEL SO BAD THAT YOU CAN'T SEE PAST IT. DON'T GIVE THEM THE SATISIFACTION! Good Luck to you and God Bless you! Keep up with your studies and do what you have to. The HATERS don't put food in you mouth, clothes on your back or a roof over your head. JUST KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN SCHOOL FOR A GREATER PURPOSE; TO IMPROVE YOURSELF. DISMISS THEM. Remember that.
  13. JumpingIn

    CNA or Phlebotomist...or both?

    I say do both:up:. Any education that you can complete in a short amount of time that applies to nursing, will most likely help you now and in the future. ~Now-- you may be able to increase you income (while in or awaiting nursing school) with the new qualifications. CNA salaries suck when you don't have any specialized skills. ~Later-- the phlebotomy will help tons after becoming a nurse. Many new nurses aren't skilled in phlebotomy or starting an IV, because you aren't given in depth teaching on that skill in nursing school. Phlebotomy can be intimidating for some at first. So I say learn it now, while there is no pressure.
  14. JumpingIn

    Is it worth it to take an Acute CNA class?

    In Maryland we don't have CNA II registry, but a patient care technician certificate. That is what CNA's here do to advance as a CNA in a hospital. With that you're able to do venipuncture(phlebotomy & IV's), insert foleys, EKG's and some other somewhat invasive procedures in addition to the normal CNA duties. Is the Patient Care Tech in Maryland, similar to CNA II and Acute Care CNA's in other areas?
  15. JumpingIn

    Aches and Pains from working

    Are the compression socks something like TED Hose?
  16. JumpingIn

    Aches and Pains from working

    I agree with rotating shoes until you know what's good for you in particular. Trial and error is what did it for me. I buy good sneakers with some room for movement and potential swelling. I also use gel inserts. I've tried Danskos and Crocs but, I guess my feet and those shoes just didn't get along. By the end of a 12, my dogs would be barking. Now I always invest in good running shoes.