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  1. I hate this class. I hate it with an enduring passion. I understand why I have to take it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Actually, it's not the class that I hate, it's the lab. The material isn't hard. It's just not my cup of tea. Ooooohhh... flocculence, goody goody. Wow, this culture is shiny, but this one is dry. Yee haw! Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen this one is MOTILE! Yippee skippy. A&P was rockingly fun (is rockingly a word?!?!?) but so far the most interesting thing in micro has been the sex pillus and that's just because sex pillus is fun to say. But it's only been two weeks. Someone please tell me it gets better. PLEASE! Flicking test tubes just doesn't do it for me and microscopes ...ugh... they make me want to slit my wrists with the edge of a slide. Okay I'm done. Off to get some cheese for my whine. Two weeks down, eight to go. Thank you Lord for summer sessions!
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  3. by   StangGang92
    My lab got better. We grew cultures of the bacteria in our mouth and cultured some of our urine specimens and saw the difference between a casual and clean catch
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    It should get better once you really start growing the stuff. You'll even find that some bacteria will thrive in some growth media and just won't in others. If your instructor has the class grow stuff and check for resistance (to abx), and has the class do the same thing with common cleaning chemicals... see if someone can bring in some tea tree oil.

    The results might be interesting, depending upon what you test it against.
  5. by   Autumn_Owl
    I was quite the opposite, I LOVED lab. I thought the motile ones were fascinating. Especially if you get to see them through a hanging drop.

    Just hang in there, hopefully it'll gain your interest!
  6. by   Godslove
    This is definitely unbelievable to me. I didnt think i would survive the A& P class. And I took both classes by themselves. I'm currently taking micro with two other classes and I still find it so much easier than A&P I and II. The best part of micro to me is the fact that it is so relatable and the lab is extremely easy. But the variety we share is what makes the world a beautiful place to live. we disagree to agree.
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  7. by   ADPIE1
    I loved A&P and was also NOT fond of Micro.... It bored the heck out of me... of look... a cell.... another cell.... wall no wall......
    NOT what I will be doing.... so don't have a clue why it was a must....
    Just saying....
  8. by   Godslove
    I really need help with this one. does anyone know any colleges that offer spring ADN Nursing Program? i know of GA Highlands college but Rome is too far and I wont have any support there with my 5 yr old. I have missed the deadline for Perimeter college, and I'm rubbing off the idea of going to GA State because the chemistry is freaking me out. I found out Chattahoochee is another option but I'm a little sceptical because I dont believe they have their accreditation yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont want to wait till next year fall. I live in Gwinnett county. Thanks !!!
  9. by   my4helpers
    I am in a summer Micro class as well and hate it! The lecture is just so boring especially having to sit for 2 hours. I won't even be able to take lab until the spring of 2012.
  10. by   bigboi
    I was not a big fan of the lab either.
  11. by   oklahomagal
    I felt like I was in prison the whole time I was in Micro. In fact I made tally marks in my notebook and pretended that I was waiting for an early parole. LMAO... I HATED IT! I really hate it now that I made an 89.4 in there.
  12. by   MICHRNTOB
    Hmm. I like lab a lot more than lecture. I love growing stuff! The lecture however -- goes on and on. Plus, the class is after lunch and it's 2.5 hours long and I just want to take a nap. I find the material interesting, but really I'd rather just be on summer break already!
  13. by   nowayis
    Oh yeah, it gets much better. Later you will learn about fungus!! and that blue cheese is made out of Penecillium roqueforti- it cannot get more fun than that
  14. by   33762FL
    It was interesting but there was nothing in Microbiology class that I needed in nursing but didn't learn IN nursing classes. I thought Microbiology was kind of like a "filler" class, just to add more non-nursing credits to the degree.