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  1. TEAS V...need encouragement

    These are only practice tests and not much like the real thing, IMO. You have to take the real test in person in a proctored environment. Get the TEAS practice book. Read it and take all the tests. See how you do. If you do well on those, then you'...
  2. how much

    Around 3K per semester before books.
  3. Nursing School has it all wrong.

    I could give a #### that the OP thinks that I was being passive aggressive. I was being courteous to someone on a public forum and trying to restrain from personal attacks, as per the TOS, However, I don't want him putting words in my mouth. I neve...
  4. Nursing School has it all wrong.

    Look, my first degree required that we learn theory, as well. It can seem pointless when you are itching to jump into the actual meat of your profession, but these classes are part of many bachelors programs. They make you a more well-rounded per...
  5. Nursing School has it all wrong.

    Not to sound harsh, but maybe you should have researched the nursing role before you started school? I keep reading complaints from students who seem to be very frustrated by a nurse's scope of practice. I say this as student who starts my ABSN pro...
  6. Prerequisites for BSN

    The required pre-reqs vary by school. There are basically two types of BSN programs: traditional and 2nd degree. You can find information about both types and see which fits your needs. As for recommending a good school, I would suggest looking on t...
  7. Jackson Community College in Michigan Fall 2011

    I am happy for you, MB. I know you also looked at EMU, which is where I am going. I knew that you'd find a spot because you have been working so hard at this! Good luck to you!
  8. Other options than buying the Teas V study Guide?

    The math is basic high school-level stuff. A few algebra equations (very simple); some simple geometry (find area, perimeter, etc), meaurement, etc. But the majority are multi-step story problems using addition,subtraction, multiplication and divis...
  9. EMU 2nd bachelor's 2011?

    Hi The info sheet I got last year just said that you get credit for ‘any an all pre-req courses taken at EMU. “ I think there is a 29 pt. max on this. Someone told me recently that you get 1 pt. per credit hour – I’m not sure if everything is wei...
  10. Summer A&P Crisis

    Does your text book have an online website you can use? I found those to be so helpful, especially in the beginning of A&P when you are trying to memorize all the bones, muscles, nerves, etc. But, it also helped me with tough concepts like imm...
  11. TEAS -Silly Study guide Question

    Form A and B are the same for the online practice tests. FWIW, I did not find the online practice tests to be very useful, except as a way to gauge the time it might take you to complete each section. I don't think that the online exams are indicati...
  12. Does anyone here go to Thomas Edison of NJ?

    I took a few classes with them to finish my first bachelor's degree. It was not in nursing, however, so I can't speak about that program. Anyway, when I went (a few years ago) they had proctored mid-terms ( I did mine at a local CC). The finals were...
  13. EMU 2nd bachelor's 2011?

    I don't know- my letter didn't say and I never asked about my points. I guess I should have, but I didn't want to obsess over that,too :) Just FYI - I had full TEAS points and all my pre-reqs were taken at EMU. I had a 3.87 GPA in those classes. I...
  14. I already posted this in the 2nd bachelor's thread, but I thought I'd tell you guys who have also been waiting that I got my acceptance letter in the mail today. The letter was dated June 10th. Sending good news vibes out to everyone else!
  15. EMU 2nd bachelor's 2011?

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share that I got my acceptance letter today. I am relieved, happy, and ready for my next challenge. Hope that you all got good news too, but if not keep trying!