It's been 5 yrs since I've taken pre-requisite courses, should I retake them?

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    I have a B.A. in English and have taken some pre-requisite nursing courses back in 2007-8 with unsatisfactory grades. I'm now attempting to get a B.S.N. as a second degree and am planning to take all the pre-requisites over again starting this Fall 2013. Is this a good idea?

    Do most nursing programs average out classes that were taken twice? Or would they only credit the ones taken most recently? Considering it's been 5 years since I've taken those pre-requisite courses during my first degree, is it a good idea to take them over again (1) to boost my grades and (2) to review/relearn them now?

    Badly in need of advice. Please help

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    If you retake a class the newest grade would be the one that counts.
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    Quote from readyforachangenow
    If you retake a class the newest grade would be the one that counts.
    Not necessarily. It depends on that particular school's admissions requirements. Our school counts the highest of the two grades. However, they won't take any courses older than 5 years and Pharmacology has to be within the past 2 years.

    Every school is different, so you'll need to check their admissions requirements.
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    My particular school requires that the SCIENCE pre-requisites having been taken within the past 5 years. Honestly, I would retake the science prereqs (actually, have you even had A&P and such as an English major?) but don't retake the humanities, English, etc prereqs. It always depends on the school though, so just get with a counselor and ask them.
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    My school has a 5 year limit on Science classes. I think if you did poorly in the past, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by retaking your Science classes.
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    Its also a matter of your own foundation in anatomy and physiology. Nursing concepts will be a lot easier if you have a good A&P base.

    Contrary to popular belief .... the sciences aren't just another set of classes you'll need to get in to the program, rather you'll need them to succeed in the program.
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    Definitely contact the program(s) you're interested in to check whether they average the grades. But in reality if you're unhappy with your previous grades and get a better grade the second time around, the average will still be higher than the first grade.
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    I'd imagine it'd help you greatly to retake at least your science courses. I know my BSN program averages the 2 grades if you retake.
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    I would definitely retake the classes if the school has a competitive nursing program. At my school for the BSN program you must have taken your pre reqs within the last 7 years. Also, you can only retake the class once. They will count the most recent grade, but they won't count the grade if you are taking the class for the third or fourth time.
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    I would consider talking to the school first and figure it out from there. You will probably need to retake the unsatisfactory grades as some schools do not transfer credit lower than a C.

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