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  1. I flunked out of college the first time, grew up a bit, got all A's in the Pre's 10 years later. IMO schools don't care about the distant past long as you have shown you have grown up and can do well now. I had no problem getting through nursing school while working.
  2. NorCalKid

    Algebra and Microbiology during summer semester @ HCC

    I am currently taking intermediate algebra(4-5 unit not sure)and micro(5 unit). It’s not too bad in the normal semester. I took pre algebra and Chem in the summer. The math was easy. Chem was a *****. How long are the classes? I took the 6 week ones but they offer some sciences as 8 week which would be a lot better. Just reread your OP. 10 week class I wouldn’t hesitate if not working.
  3. Just wondering how long it took all of you to study for the TEAS test. I am planning on taking it this summer and can schedule it at any time. Just trying to get an idea how much time I will need to study. I have one more co requisite class that I was thinking of taking in the summer (any humanities class). But not sure how long studying for the TEAS will take. TEAS is my priority and I will hold off on that last class if it's going to take up a lot of my time. So there it is, and my Question again???? How long do you think it takes the average student to prepare (to do well) for the TEAS test?
  4. NorCalKid

    Online Intro Chem class

    OK I’ll add my 2 cents. I think it would be tough. I took a regular intro to Chem class in the summer and got a B. It was really hard for me to learn it in a 6 week class. Just to give you an idea, I had no problem getting A’s in Anatomy and Phys. in the normal school year. But I couldn’t pull it off in that stupid summer Chem class. If I had a choice I wouldn’t take it in the summer (Classroom or online). But if it would set me back a semester by not taking it I would go ahead and take it. It probably didn’t help that I was working but even the students that didn’t work had problems.
  5. NorCalKid

    OK we get it STUD, you're straight

    I haven't really noticed this. OK I'm still doing my pre requisites but this isn't even something that I have thought about or noticed in my classes. Maybe the forum is different(I'm new here) but in the real world here in California IMO it's a non issue. I think the opinions about males in nursing have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Or maybe I am just to the point that I really don't care what anyone thinks. Or maybe growing up in the SF area it's just a total non issue to most.
  6. NorCalKid

    Tips for an A in Anatomy?

    My strategy for Anatomy (separate from phys at my school) was make flash cards for lecture stuff. For lab we got a lab book which listed everything that would be on each test. Then I went through the list with the book and highlighted all the parts(pictures) on that list for the upcoming test. Every page that had highlighting got a sticky tab (each test a different color). Then it was easy for me to go through all the stuff, find it, and know that I wasn’t missing anything. I didn’t do this on the first test and got a B. Started doing this after that and got all A’s. But I did work on it every day of that semester aside from my birthday. I don’t care how smart you are. If you wait till a few days before the test to study you won’t do well. There’s just too much info. My teacher had open lab on the weekends where you could get extra help. If you have this available GO, even if your keeping up. Just by being there and listening you will get questions answered you didn’t even know you had. And you will actually understand the stuff by talking about it there with the teacher and other students.
  7. Hi, I am just wondering if the Calif. Prison sys will hire a RN with an AS degree fresh out of school? Also wondering if they will interview and sign you before graduation? Will they interview students in the last semester of a nursing program the same as hospitals will? Thanks
  8. NorCalKid

    Previous terrible grades???

    Do any of you have any idea how much schools are going to care about old grades? I previously flunked out of college when I was 19-about 22. I decided to go back to school around 33 and have got great grades ever since. A's except for one B in Chem. Now 35 and finishing my last pre-req. Anyway several of my teachers have told me this won't be an issue as I was "young and dumb" and schools understand that. So my last few years GPA is like a 3.8 or 3.9 and 4.0 for the sciences they look at. But if you take my GPA from 12-15 years ago it averages out to like a 2.7. What are your thoughts?
  9. NorCalKid

    no wait list schools????

    Haha, That's actually one of the schools I have been looking into. I have already called and talked to them. It does look to be a lot better odds there than here in NorCal. Thanks I'll look in to them. Surprised there are so many. They are lotteries or WL around here.
  10. NorCalKid

    no wait list schools????

    Hi, I think I need to take you up on your offer. I can't seem to find any schools around here that don't have a wait. Everything that's public between Chico-Sac-and the bay has a wait or a lottery that averages a few years. I have all A's in my sciences except for a B in a summer school Chem class I took last summer. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you could give me the names of schools that don't have wait lists. Thanks I can't PM you because I don't have 15 posts. Not sure if you can send me a PM or not.
  11. NorCalKid

    no wait list schools????

    Hi, I'm just finishing up my last prerequisites and starting to look at ASN programs. Are there still any programs out there that don't have wait lists or lotteries? I live in California and the average wait around here is 2 years for 80% of applicants for a 2 year program. Doesn't seem to matter that I have good grades. Is it the same as this throughout the whole country? Or is it a little less competitive in other states? Is it still possible to find schools out of state that you can get into right away without the waitlists? Thanks
  12. NorCalKid

    How far out can you get assignments??

    Hi, I am just wondering how far out you can sign traveling contracts. I have heard conflicting information. Are most of them last minute positions? Or is it possible to sign a contract that starts say 3 months out? If so is it common to do this and secure employment this far in advance? Thanks for the help.
  13. NorCalKid

    Foreign BSN vs. Calif. ASN + debt

    Thanks for all the replies. I would love to hear more opinions as I still haven’t made up my mind. But these replies have given me more to think about. Thanks again
  14. NorCalKid

    Foreign BSN vs. Calif. ASN + debt

    Thanks, I have also noticed that a lot of them age discriminate(Trinity UOA is one and I think Cebu doctors college does). I am 35 and apparently too old to become a nurse in many of their eyes. As far as counting pre reques, I have heard mixed reviews. Some have told me it was no problem and some have said they didn’t take any. I wouldn’t consider a school that didn’t count any. But planning 3 years is assuming I will have to retake some.
  15. NorCalKid

    Foreign BSN vs. Calif. ASN + debt

    No I have never been to the Philippines. I have traveled a lot and lived overseas and would really like the opportunity to experience it. I am more concerned about how this could possibly affect my future hirability and traveling contract hirability. No the Philippines wouldn't be my first choice of places to live. But when taking into consideration quality of education, English spoken, affordability, and ability to immediately get into a BSN program it has become an attractive option and that's why I'm here. Hopping to learn a little more about it and how this option might affect my future and get some opinions.