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  1. NorCalKid

    Considering changing careers

    If worried about the job thing I'd start by taking the 4 nurses you already have in your family to lunch one at a time. Have your questions ready and ask them. If they live in your area ask them if places hire new grads and 2 year degrees. There is a big difference between those who send out applications online and complain about not getting a job and those that find out who does the hiring, go meet them and put their res in their hand in person. Put a face to the name. Explain that they followed instructions and submitted everything online as instructed but really wanted to meet you as I really want to work here, and here's why...
  2. NorCalKid

    The long wait!!

    So I guess most of you are now figuring out its hard to get into a program. Most people I know waited a couple years. That seems to be reality these days. So what are you going to do with this time???? If I had it to do over again(as a nurse working in California), I'd learn Spanish while trying to get into a program. I don't mean a class 2 nights a week, I mean really put in the time and try to learn as much as possible. Maybe even 6 months abroad if you can afford it. IMO their isn't a single thing you can do waiting that would be more beneficial to getting hired and your career than learning Spanish while waiting to get into a program. This is something you will use every day of your career.
  3. NorCalKid

    How many contracts(skills)?

    Hey everybody, Do you think one contract a year is enough to keep your skills current(medsurg)? I can't really afford to totally early retire but financially could do it if I worked one contract a year. Do you think 13 weeks working full time is enough to keep your skills up to work a MS floor(step on to the floor as a traveler)? Thanks
  4. I would be looking into ADN programs. The admission is fairly easy to figure out. Mine leaned heavily on the sciences, enough so that previously flunking out of college didn't matter (Had a 4.0 on the classes they look at).
  5. I had crappy grades, even flunked out of school. Returned at 33 and got straight A's on the pre reqs. Schools had no problem with this. Immature 19-23, 10 years growing up. Returned to school and did well. My school didn't care and only looked at the recent stuff which was a 4.0.
  6. NorCalKid

    How many months off is OK(recent experience)?

    Thanks for all the help everybody.
  7. Hi, I have been wondering how long off the travel companies will accept and sill consider me having recent exp. I have always dreamed of a gap year world trip. I currently work on a MS floor. Will it be a problem for me getting a travel assignment if I hit 2 years experience, quit working and take 6-8 months off to travel the world before taking my first travel assignment? This is something I have been dreaming about for 10+ years. Thanks for the help.
  8. NorCalKid

    How to deal with stereotypes and vicious people

    Ignoring the ignorant father thing. I asked a nurse buddy for any advise he had for me before entering nursing school. His #1 piece of advice was don't date classmates. After spending the last 2 years with the same group of people I totally get it. You have thousands of girls at your school. There are guna be 30 or 40 that are 100% off limits! Deal with it, you'll thank me later.
  9. NorCalKid

    Which one did you do while in Nursing school?

    I bartended nights on weekends through nursing school. Full time in the pre reqs, 2 nights a week first year of nursing school and 1 night a week the last year of nursing school. That was about all I could handle. I wasn't able to keep up the 2 nights a week the last year. But that was to keep me at no more than one B in a semester. My opinion is it's fine to work in nursing school but the second it affects your school you need to be willing to quit.
  10. NorCalKid

    Per Diem

    A couple people in my class were hired per diem right out of school(not agency). They had to work full time hrs for orientation. I think it would be kinda hard to do. You really need to work full time to get comfortable for a while. FT orientation is not even close to enough IMO (I'm on a MS floor). I have been on my own for 4 or 5 months and I'm just starting to get comfortable (where I'm comfortable enough I'm enjoying being on the floor like when I was in school). I still have SO many questions every shift. Being full time and a regular face has allowed me to form relationships with nurses that will kinda mentor me. Not in an official capacity but in an informal, you're my go to guy kind of way. The other thing is I have a home floor and am surrounded by people that know I'm new and my abilities and limits (including charges). If I were per diem I wouldn't really have a home floor and the support I currently get. We don't self schedule, per diem does. That looks really attractive to me. Not sure when I think it's OK to do but I don't feel I'm there yet.
  11. I went to see a councilor when I was thinking about becoming a nurse. She looked at my grades from 15 years before and told me you will never be a nurse”. They told me the pre reqs are super hard if you want to be a nurse. Well, ya I guess they weren't easy but their totally doable. They told me it will take several tries to get into micro bio. I got up early and hit enter on the registration website the second my clock hit 8am and got in. They told me the TEAS was really hard and you only get 2 shots at it. No it's not easy but after studying you'll do fine. They told me it will take years to get into a nursing program. Well, ya. It took a year and a half. In that time I was able to work and save money to get me through the program. They told me nursing school was super hard. I didn't find that to be true. What I did find to be true was that nursing school is a ton of hard work. If you got through the pre reqs you have the brains to get through nursing school. They told me you can't work your way through nursing school. I had to cut back on hrs but I worked through the program. Ya, it was hard They told me the NCLEX is super hard. If you study you will do fine and if not you'll know what you did wrong and give it another go. I didn't think it was as hard as advertised but every test is different and others would strongly disagree with me. I was in and out in less than 2hrs. They told me the job market sucks and it's super hard to get a hospital job as a new grad. I had a job before I had a license (which actually made the NCLEX a bit more stressful). They told me there is a huge learning curve and the first year as a RN will be hard. OK, ya they nailed this one. Haha I guess my point here is ya got this. Nursing school is just one hurdle after another. Don't look at the big picture there is so much it's totally daunting. Just take it one hurdle at a time, if you stick with it you'll get there. Anyway, that's my motivational speaking for today, you take it one day at a time and you got this!!!! Not sure if this post helps anybody but I have been meaning to post something for a while(graduated in 2014).
  12. NorCalKid

    Working and pre-requisites

    I think it depends on yourself and your job more than anything. I made the plan of trying to work but I will quit if it interferes with school (graduated December/14). I was able to bartend 4 nights a week (about 33.5hrs) through the pre reqs and get straight As. Wasn't able to keep this up in nursing school though. Cut back to 2 nights a week for the first year and no more straight As. The final year of nursing school I had to cut back further to one night a week. 40hrs + that schedule will suck. Probably doable but won't be much fun. It wasn't always easy but I'm really glad I graduated debt free.
  13. NorCalKid

    Stethoscope for School

    Do you know anybody that graduated your program? Littmann sent our school a bunch of samples and we could try/use them in our first weeks of lab and buy what worked for us. Not sure if this is common. I would find out if your program does the same. I found that the cheapest ones didn’t work as well as I wanted but the cardiology ones weren’t necessary as a student.
  14. NorCalKid

    Nursing School Schedule??

    First ½ of first semester we had to be at school 5 days a week. Lab and class. After we finished 8 weeks of lab we have the same schedule for the rest of the program, class Mon/Tues, clinical 8hrs each Wed/thurs. Fri/Sat/Sun for work and homework. We had no flexibility on class times, there is some flexibility on clinical (could request mornings or evenings and they try to accommodate). That was roughly our schedule, there were a few odd simulation lab days and stuff on Fridays but we always knew about them the first day of the semester. You didn’t ask but it was a big question for me, Work???? I was able to work full time in the pre requisites (bartending at night), 2 days a week 1st and 2nd semester. I had to cut back to one day a week 3rd and 4th semester and even then take a couple weeks off all together to study. They recommended we don’t work at first semester orientation. I would guess over half my class is working.
  15. NorCalKid

    Where are the most jobs?

    Thanks, I’m really not referring to pay at all. I’m fairly young and debt free. More interested in doing something I enjoy and experiencing different cities. I guess I’m thinking # of assignments and how competitive they are to get. I have to sign up for my internship for this summer in Jan. I haven’t had any opportunity to set foot in some of the units that are available. So I guess I’m just looking for suggestions on where people see the most demand for travelers (ease of getting positions). Where I can pick a city and go without too much trouble finding a job if I decide there’s somewhere I would like to try. I understand that there are a lot of MS positions but that doesn’t mean that there is a high demand for MS travelers as there are a ton of qualified people to fill the positions. Just wondering if there’s some area of nursing that pops up as, wow I always see them trying to fill those positions. Maybe it’s MS, I don’t know that’s why I asked. But I do have the opportunity to get my foot in the door in some less traditional new grad units(no guarantee that I could actually get hired there) so I’m asking this question here. I just want to be in the best position to travel as possible after a couple years experience. Is that a MS position or are there way too many people fighting for those positions??? So I guess in short what I’m asking is what is the best position for a new grad that plans to travel in the future?
  16. NorCalKid

    Where are the most jobs?

    Hi, I was just wondering what specialties offer the most travel opportunities/ most contract possibilities. I know I should probably just do what I like but I'm still a student and haven't really been in that many units yet. I guess I'm just trying to get an idea if there are specialties that offer more travel opportunities than others. If so I would like to try to get in those units to see if I like any of them. So I guess my question for you travelers is, what specialties do you notice the most demand for travelers? Thanks

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