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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before - I did search first. Does anyone have any insight into the difference between the CSU Fullerton school nurse service credential and the programs at CSU Fresno, Sac State, and APU? Fullerton's program has ...
  2. HRSA/ Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    In case anybody else searches and finds this thread: 1. For new grads, you have to have begun the job by the end of the application date. A start date after the application period (even the next day) disqualifies you until the next year. 2. If you ha...
  3. HRSA/ Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    This is really old but I figured I'd revive it since I have a question and didn't see a more recent version for the loan repayment program... I will call them on Tuesday but I have an interview tomorrow so if anybody knows, I'd love to know going int...
  4. CPM to CNM

    No need to feel guilty. You are NOT the only one. I never wanted to be a nurse, but here I am, halfway through an accelerated BSN. All the other students are saying "we're halfway nurses!" I think of it as, I'm a quarter way a midwife. I happen to be...
  5. CNEP FNU Class 139

    Yeah, I saw that in the FAQs but had also seen a note somewhere about Maryland - since I can't find it anymore, maybe it's been removed. It had to do with out-of-state schools having clinicals in Maryland. Glad you'll be good-to-go with your license ...
  6. CNEP FNU Class 139

    Fitzfam2009 - I'm a BSN student and hopefully future Frontier student, but I'm in Maryland right now. I can't find where I saw it, but somewhere on the FNU page I saw that they don't accept RN licenses from Maryland right now (something about distanc...
  7. Frontier University

    I can't tell you first-hand, but a student told me that working part-time and school full-time, or vice versa, is doable.
  8. Frontier University

    Thank you so much, queenanneslace! I look forward to hearing from you guys how the program goes!
  9. Frontier University

    Thanks for all the info, everyone! Just so I can clarify, does the didactic portion of Frontier take a year? I see that it's 2-3 semesters for the clinical portion, but I'm wondering if the didactic part is just that first year or stretches a semeste...
  10. Once you've made sure the program accepts online, you can look into Rio Salado, like the previous poster said - I took a couple classes from there (Microbiology and Statistics); another option is West Hills Community College. You'll get in-state tuit...
  11. Has anyone done their pre reqs while out of the US?

    I did all my prereqs online, minus Anatomy and Physiology. I started in Spring of 2013, and am finishing up this summer (though I took a few classes I didn't need after all for the schools I chose to apply for, so if you can narrow it down you can de...
  12. Need help abt Felician C.

    Probably, but ask the school to be sure: Nursing | Felician College The website says "Students needing prerequisite courses must satisfy those requirements prior to enrolling in the nursing sequence." I take that to mean you have to have finished the...
  13. I'm sure there are plenty of schools without a wait list. I would start by searching the area that you're interested in; find schools that might work for you, and then go from there. The US being so big, it's kind of hard to give you suggestions; may...
  14. can i do a&p now or wait??

    ^^ Seconded. It sounds like A&P probably requires a higher math level than you've completed so far, in which case they would probably only let you register for it if you passed a placement test for college level math.
  15. Shattered hopes.

    Your counselor is right that many schools in California are severely impacted. That's why I didn't bother - I only applied to schools in other states. However, 4.0 GPA is pretty darn good. If this is really what you want to do, it doesn't seem worth...