It's been 5 yrs since I've taken pre-requisite courses, should I retake them? - page 2

I have a B.A. in English and have taken some pre-requisite nursing courses back in 2007-8 with unsatisfactory grades. I'm now attempting to get a B.S.N. as a second degree and am planning to take all the pre-requisites over again... Read More

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    My school requires taking prereqs with in 5 years. But that's 5 years of applying (first app). Some people in my class were close to 5 years and had to wait 6 semesters to get in. They are well over 5 years and are doing fine. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Quote from Alicia.Cheyanne
    I would definitely retake the classes if the school has a competitive nursing program. At my school for the BSN program you must have taken your pre reqs within the last 7 years. Also, you can only retake the class once. They will count the most recent grade, but they won't count the grade if you are taking the class for the third or fourth time.
    How will they handle a student who took, say, A&P I, then took it again, but those credits are all over 5 years old now? There has to be a third time to get fresh credits, if they are standing by their 5-year rule. People enter and leave schools and the workforce for various reasons. It's soon going to get to the point where all students are "nontraditional," due to lack of funding for fulltime school, and/or career changes and job losses.

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