I did it and its so clear now

  1. I went down to ITT tech yesterday and talked with them about there nursing program, after hearing so many wonderful things about it from my former co-workers and other people. I have no job, a car payment, and I live at home. I am looking for employment as a CNA or just minimum wage jobs but I seem to be getting no where on the other hand its only been close to a month since I got terminated. I am still going to look after I get settled in to the routine of school.

    But theres just one thing Im so nervouse about right now I am planning on taking out student loans to pay the whole tuition and my car payment. Im glad that ITT has helped me more than anyother school I have looked in to and I feel confident in my decision and that Im going to get a good education and be able to start my life after I pass the bords.

    BUT Im so afraid that after I graduate in 2- 2.5 years that I wont be able to get a job and that I wont be able to pay the loans back and I cant file for bankruptcy on an education(says the US government). I keep telling myself that hopfully in the near future I get a job as an aide and I can atleast have my foot in the foor for when I am officially an RN or atleast have the money saved up from working as an aide to pay the minimum on the principal for a while until I get a job that pays decent. I myself think that 53000 is to much for a nursing degree but I think it will be worth my while.

    I tell myself 53000 in debt and making 35000-60000 a year is ok and I should have that debt paid off in a few years with my RN. but I am so afraid of debt and not being able to pay it I also decided to when it comes to the loan money dont spend it if you dont have to and then save what I can and use it to pay the loan off if I dont get a job after I graduate. but I got to do what I got to do I guess If I ever plan on moving out of my mom and dads and having a life. All I need to do now is score 75% on my HESI and go get signed up for the financial aide and register for my classes and Im set. Im just so nervouse about the money and getting through it all.
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    Please do your research about ITT Tech and their BSN program. I've read several stories of this school withholding the bachelor's degree because students did not pass the NCLEX, however, they weren't prepared enough to pass the NCLEX due to the level of education. (Seems to vary by campus)

    ITT costs WAY more than most universities and their credits typically do not transfer any where else (a big factor if you later decide to further your education down the road). Also be aware of the perception this school has to potential employers. It's reputation is not well regarded.

    I'd be very hesitant to take out that much in student loans for something that's so iffy.
  4. by   IdianaCNA1993
    I have heard alot of good things about there associate degree nursing program. I know a few nurses that went to ITT tech and are employed. I know at ivytech in indiana the waiting list is long even if you do 100% in all general courses and on the TEAS.
  5. by   peppapig123
    I agree with Sopranokris. 53k is A LOT for an adn program, and nobody is guaranteed a job when they finish school. It can take up to a year or more for some new grads to find a job. Loans kick in after 6 months or so. I know how it is to want to make money soon. I have a car payment and a daughter. There is a bryant +& stratton +& ITT tech near me, and I could start right away. But, i'd rather not be in debt, +& know my credits will transfer so I can get my BSN later.
  6. by   patty89
    Please think twice about spending that much money for your RN. I was in a similar situation...was about to apply to a for profit school, similar to ITT and it was going to cost me about 50,000. At first I didnt hesitate, I was all for it...all I needed was to pass the TEAS and I was in. I wanted to get started so badly. But then it hit me, I could get the same education, the same degree at my local community college for about 18,000 instead! and at my community college the program is accredited whereas the other program isnt accredited by the major and most important accreditors. So if I had gone to that school, sure I would be starting next month but I would be 50 grand in debt and if I later wanted to further my education the credits wouldnt transfer. I would rather wait a year or so to be accepted here locally then be in debt way more than I should and later regret my decision.
  7. by   gummi bear
    These type of schools hire academic advisors with sales and marketing experience. Why? Well, you'll find out soon. Even if you turn them down (if you've given them your info already) they will continue to harass you because they want that commission. It's all about money, and not about you, despite the sales pitches that they try you throw at you. 50k is too much money for an ADN with this unstable economy, and some facilities are not even accepting less than a BSN. And what happens when you try to get your BSN or transfer credits somewhere else? It won't work. Are they even accredited? Don't do it. You can get the same education somewhere else for a fourth of the price.
  8. by   Halcyonn
    53k for an associates degree? That's outrageous! The CC program I am applying to is 1/5 the price. Is ITT Tech accredited? The website is very cryptic. They don't offer up much information, which is a red flag for me. Please do more research before you take out a loan.
  9. by   lyohnk
    Wow. I am a brand new student but I think there must be some other way rather than that much on loans. That is a scary amount. Forgive me if you already addressed this, but have you done pre-nursing classes? I'd say do those one or two at a time at first and get a feel if this is right for you. In the meantime, get any job anywhere and live as inexpensively as possible (easier said than done, right) but I think that much in debt is a mistake.
  10. by   IdianaCNA1993
    I dont know I have been reasearching after I have thought about it and I have thought deeply about it. I slept on it literally all that research and getting frustrated not getting the answers I wanted. I think Im going to just study extra hard for the TEAS and go to Ivy tech (the local comunity school) I have the HESI syudy book Im just going to use that to help study for the TEAS and then go get a TEAS study book also. And if I change my mind again itt will always be there if by the time Im 25 (im 19) and havent goten in to ivys programs whether its LPN or RN then I might consider ITT or even med tech.I really dont want to get screwed over I have been screwed over so much latly I think Im going to wait until I get things together.
  11. by   IdianaCNA1993
    Quote from lyohnk
    Wow. I am a brand new student but I think there must be some other way rather than that much on loans. That is a scary amount. Forgive me if you already addressed this, but have you done pre-nursing classes? I'd say do those one or two at a time at first and get a feel if this is right for you. In the meantime, get any job anywhere and live as inexpensively as possible (easier said than done, right) but I think that much in debt is a mistake.
    No I havent done any nursing classes but Yeah it is an expensive amount...
  12. by   zoe92
    that sounds pretty shady. i would find a community college or 4 year school. loans are inevitable in some circumstances but maybe it would be better to apply to another program, try to get a job to work until you can start at the program, and have loan that won't cost you as much.
  13. by   terran
    I think you're making the right choice by going to ivy tech. I just applied for the spring program. I know only a couple hospitals in indy will hire from itt tech or med tech. Also people will tell you that even with all a's and a high teas it's impossible to get in and its just not true. People get b's and still get in. Just make sure they aren't in AnP. Also ivy tech doesn't have a waitlist. You have to reply every term.
  14. by   sjtrk
    Which Ivy Tech are you looking at? I currently attend the Ft Wayne campus and while it is competitive, it's not impossible to get into. My pre req semester courses only run me about $2000 for the semester including books. Full time in the nursing program is roughly $3500 plus books. You'd be looking at $12-13,000 for your entire ASN degree. I'd definitely check in to other places. I have no idea about ITT as I've never researched them however I will say I'm friends/related to 9 nurses in this area and every one has said ITCC puts out some of the top nurses. Something to think about anyways because it would be a shame to spend so much money on an education, and not have them prepare you enough to pass the NCLEX. All you'd be left with if you couldn't pass your boards is a really expensive piece of paper. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide!!