How old were you when starting prereqs and did it discourage you? - page 7

I just turned 22 and a lot of people I went to high school with are graduating with a bachelor's degree this spring. So I am feeling a little discouraged and sad. I started community college... Read More

  1. by   smtha620
    I started last summer just before I turned 50. It's never to late to go back to school!
  2. by   mee9mee9
    you can go back for an RN to BSN program. its not as competitive gpa wise.
  3. by   phoenixnim
    It took me forever to figure out what I want to be when "I grow up." I had taken courses on and off at the community college, and I dropped out my second semester in, earning W's and one F. I finallyl faced my fear and went back to school starting last year, 10 years after I had dropped out! I will be 32 this year and have about 2 years of pre-reqs to go, doing 1 class a semester while I work full time and raise my kids. You are never too old to return to school.
  4. by   princesax11
    Mee9mee9, that is what I plan on doing. I'm just focusing on getting my prereqs done and getting into nursing school first. Thankfully the hospitals around me still hire ADNs because I am a few hours from any big cities so it would be perfect if I got a job and did the RN to BSN.
  5. by   cnastriving2brn
    I started at 26 years old. Mostly only went to school during summer and fall break. Became pregnant at 27. Took a year and half off. I'm 29 now and will be applying to either a BSN or ADN program this May. I will have all my prereqs done except microbiology after this semester.
  6. by   Devin6xx
    My aunt actually got her RN liscense last year, shes in her mid 40's i do believe! never too old to have a career, especially if you enjoy it! Im 19 will be 20 in oct. (but i have been out of school since I was 16 almost 17) I completely understand how you feel about classmates graduating, but also look at all of those kids you went to school with that are not even thinking about college and live with their parents? who cares what others think!
  7. by   Devin6xx
    How is the EMT stuff bigsick_littlesick? I love the idea of having a back up in case i cant make it into Nursing
  8. by   MommaTy
    I didn't start College until 2007 for pre-reqs. I was 21. Took me 5 years to do my pre-reqs, I am 27 and I just got accepted into the ADN program near me. I have 5 kids, so I went really slow. I graduated high school in 2004. People always used to tell me I would never go to college blah blah. Look at me now. If I can do it, so can you
  9. by   16mm
    I have the same sentiment as some in this thread. I will be (hopefully) 25 when I start nursing school. I dabbled in the CC's a bit after high school but would rather have enjoyed my new found freedom, so I only took a couple of college courses (fluff courses at that). Now all my classmates have gotten their Bachelors moving onto their Masters and it makes me feel bad about myself. This thread has helped a lot
  10. by   ~Melissa~
    I'm finishing my pre-reqs this week... And am 35 You can do it!!!
  11. by   Kris10Noel
    I'm 27. I have an A.S. in criminal justice, a B.S. in biology and I just got accepted into an associates RN program for this coming fall semester (still waiting to hear about acceptance into a BSN program I also applied to). It takes people time to figure out what they want to do in life. How we're expected to pick a career choice at 17 or 18 is ridiculous! Don't be discouraged and go after what you love! One of the new nurses I work with is 63! She got her RN at 61. Age is not a factor, passion is. Enjoy!
  12. by   Krazi4psych
    I was 32 when I started my pre reqs. I will be done this year. I had a hard time getting classes, so it took me awhile to finish my prereqs. I will be applying for fall 2014 semester. I am 35
  13. by   determined_30
    I am 33 I have been taking pre requisites for about three to four years. I am a mother of four school aged children so it is taking me a while. My youngest will be in school full time after the summer so I will be able to concentrate more on classes. I only have sciences sociology, and health left. I want to take my sciences slow, as I have not had a science course in forever. I want to get A'S in my sciences.