How Many Classes Do You Have Left?

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    While pre-nursing has been fun, I am happy to say that I have four more classes to take before I'm officially a nursing student. YAYYY! I'm looking forward to the journey.
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    Congratulations! I'm wrapping up my final 3 classes to be a nurse- I graduate in May! Woo hoo!
    Then comes the master's program... In a few years.
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    I am finishing up my last prerequisites this semester: Microbiology, Nutrition, and Statistics. I can't wait to be done with them and into the core nursing classes!
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    4 total remaining...all during the summer for one last mad push!!
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    I am finishing up my final prereqs this semester. After that, I only have my core nursing classes(7 classes total) until I am finished.
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    I still have organic/biochem for allied health and a speech class. Depending on which school I end up choosing, I may be taking a nutrition over the summer.
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    I have done Engl 1301, Engl 1302, Chem 1405, Psyc 2301, Psyc 2314, Phil 2306, & A&P 1. I have left (for the ADN) A&P 2 and Micro!!!! Almost there.... For the BSN 2government, 2history, speech, and Math 1314 & 1442. But I would do those after I have my ADN. I'm thinking about taking A&P2 or Micro this Summer in a 8week course....
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    I'm pretty sure I've just got both Chemistry classes and Microbiology left, but I may do a Medical Terminology course as well. I should be done with all of the required pre-reqs by the end of this year, then apply for school the week after those finals.
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    I just have to do college algebra over the summer. Yay!! Ready for the program in August.
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