Hospital job with no experience???

  1. Is it even possible for someone to get hired to work as a unit secretary, or something like it, without any experience? I am not someone who "knows someone", but I would love to get a job doing something like this while I wait to get admitted to a nursing program.
    This is very frustrating.
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    Oh yes it is possible! I know one nurse who started in Housekeeping! Another started as a Nurse Helper (not the same as a CNA). Others start as Transporters or Unit Secretaries.

    Be persistent, keep applying, keep calling. You might even take a volunteer position in order to make the important connections that can help get you where you want to work.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   smilin_gp
    My first hospital job was in medical records, it was a start
  5. by   maliat
    I just went to a job fair today and talked to some of the recruiters at some of the hospitals in my area. I was under the impression that they really meant it when they said you needed 6 months - 1 year experience for even a unit secretary or clerk job. But I was told that if you have the office skills and customer service experience, that should be enough. I was also told specifically by a recruiter to include the fact I had been admitted to nursing school and that would help my application.

    I'm so glad I went and asked. It was so worth the $1.

  6. by   moonischasingme1
    I actually had a phone interview today to be a patient care tech at a very large hospital. Since I have no hospital (or even healthcare) experience, he said I could not work as a PCT, but he was going to try and get me an interview as unit secretary or something else to get my foot in the door and eventually move up!
    So I guess there is a chance
  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Great chain as I start school in the fall and will need to work at least 20 or so hours a week so I can afford to pay for a car, insurance, etc., to go to school!!

    I had applied online to a local hospital a year or so ago when I wasn't quite ready to quit my IT job and never heard anything, but I figured in August when I am ready and will be needing the job, I will just go and stand in an HR at some of the many hospitals in my area until someone decides maybe I'm not really over-qualified, and serious, and really do want the job! Thanks!
  8. by   poetress9er
    I have no experience in nursing watsoever and I really want to work or at least shadow a nurse.

    I'm actually volunteering right now in a hospital helping the Neurosurgical Division with filing, answering fones, etc. The place has 3 facilities: residence, clinic, and administrative. I'm helping at the administrative facility right now.

    My problems: (1) this hospital doesn't really have a shadowing program. (2) How do i get a job without any experience?

    How do you guys go about looking for shadowing positions? Or how do I find jobs relative to nursing but not necessarily one that requries a certification?
  9. by   JaxiaKiley
    Yeah, I want to get a job as a unit sec or something before I start school, but it is so hard to get noticed.
  10. by   Travellpro
    My mom is a nurse so she took me to work with her one night. It was fun! She also hooked me up with a person in NICU so I got to tour that department too. My local hospital here will allow you to shadow if you are enrolled in classes (any classes, doesn't have to be nursing as long as you have a background check on file at the school). Maybe you could check with a different hospital in the area and see if they will let you shadow.
  11. by   bpo93
    what exactly is "shadowing" and how does it work?
    i don't get out much.
  12. by   chadash
    Will hospitals allow you to shadow as a NA for really reduced or no pay?
  13. by   Travellpro
    Shadowing is where you follow a nurse around for the day or for a few hours to see what they do. You usually have to sign a form for patient confidentiality (sp?). So it's just to get a feel for what a nurse does on a day to day basis. It is not like volunteering or anything like that. You don't DO anything, you just watch.
  14. by   bpo93
    I didn't know that "they" would let someone do that.

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