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  1. How do I negotiate this?? On call

    @traumaRUs Thank you! I feel better knowing I'm not asking for too much. I know I'm a new grad and this is his first experience with an NP, but I don't want to be worked to death.
  2. Sitting for AANP boards

    Just go for it. You will never truly feel ready! It sounds like you have done everything possibly to prepare.
  3. How do I negotiate this?? On call

    I have an opportunity for my first ARNP job to work with a great physician who I have known for about 5-6 years in a speciality setting. He is willing to put in the time and effort to really train me. I am having issues though with the hours and what...
  4. Time off after graduating

    What would a part time schedule even look like in an office setting?
  5. Time off after graduating

    I have thought about this, and I have been looking, but I'm coming up short. Since I am a new grad, i have that going against me to begin with...
  6. Time off after graduating

    Anyone graduate and pass ARNP exam, but take time off before finding a job? I graduated in May 2014, passed my FNP cert in August, but I haven't found my first ARNP job yet because I had a baby November 2014. I am torn on finding a job because I know...
  7. Studying for AANP 2014 Exam and feel like I know nothing

    Congrats! I am taking my exam on Mon, Aug 18th. I am at the point now of just reviewing and answering questions. I took the AANP practice exam and got a 73%, which gave me somewhat of a boost of confidence, but not really. I've used Hollier review CD...
  8. AANP FNP exam--ready???

    Thanks! I just took the practice test from AANP and scored a 73%. The passing score is 66% (the "recommended" score is 75), so I feel somewhat better!
  9. AANP 2014 JNC, lipids, etc

    Just to update everyone, I received a reply back from AANP: Hello Nicole, The 2014 certification exams are based on guidelines that were available in early November 2013. The 2015 exams will include the new guidelines released after the first week in...
  10. AANP FNP exam--ready???

    I am a wreck right now. I graduated on May 3rd with my FNP and am scheduled for my exam on August 18th. I've been using Hollier/Apea, Fitzgerald, and Leik to review. I honestly have only studied for the last 6 weeks. I am 27 weeks pregnant, so a bit ...
  11. AANP 2014 JNC, lipids, etc

    Does anyone know for certain if the FNP AANP exam taken this August 2014 will include JNC 7 or JNC 8 material? I am trying to study, but it's kind of hard since these guidelines are new, but not SO new anymore? In addition, what about the lipid guide...
  12. Fitzgerald CDs by body system

    Thank you!!!
  13. Fitzgerald CDs by body system

    I am making myself a syllabi to begin studying for my boards; it's my final semester of FNP. I have Barkley, which is organized by system, which is how I plan to study. I also have Fitzgerald, however, her CDs are not labeled. Does anyone know which ...
  14. Pregnant and searching for 1st NP job

    This thread is old, but I'm curious how it worked out for you, the job search, and the baby?
  15. Advice please

    Wow, how did you go about getting such great offers? I graduate in 10 months, need some serious tips!! I would go with Family because it will be more well-rounded, unless you absolutely want to do Derm, which i heard is difficult to break into...:)