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  1. Texas ====>Oklahoma

    What is involved in getting licensed in Oklahoma for someone who already holds a Texas license (RN)??
  2. Patty here. I'm in my last semester of a two-year program graduating in May. I'm 44, and started back to school just over 4 years ago. Can't wait for GRADUATION!!!!
  3. Exit HESI at Grayson

    :banghead:Hey, all! Does anyone have any words of wisdom about the exit HESI exam? When I took the mid-curricular HESI exam last year, my score was 846 which was 4 points from a passing score. Thank goodness that score didn't pass or fail me. One ...
  4. Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    :yeah:Old Outrageous Okies try to always find virgins getting viruses at homecoming.
  5. Roll Call - Introduce Yourselves, Texans!

    I guess it's my turn.... Well, for starters, I'm a wife and mom of three sons (11, 13, and 19). I have two degrees (AS and BS) and am currently working on my ADN at GCC. I just finished my first year. One down, one to go:yeah:!!!!!! I am one of t...
  6. Any advice for future GCC sophomore???

    Yes, I just completed my 1st year at Grayson. Thank you for your advise, and it does make sense to me. May I ask you this: Are the sophomore instructors' test questions anywhere near like the freshman instructors' test questions? I won't elaborate as...
  7. Is there any advice for someone (myself :uhoh21:) who literally passed the 2nd semester by the skin of her teeth? I seem to be studying all the time, but it seems as though I'm concentrating on the wrong things. Thank goodness that my best grade wa...
  8. hesi test for entry in RN program

    We were required to take the HESI with a score of no less than 75%. There were eight parts to the test: Biology, A&P, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Math, and a couple of other parts that had to do with finding out what kind of learner you are....
  9. Hi, all! Are there any two-year RN programs in Lubbock, Texas? Not really looking at attending Texas Tech. Can't spend that kind of money on my education at present. Patty
  10. Am I the only one??

    Thank you all for the words. Hopefully the time will pass quickly while I wait to apply again next year. Any suggestions as to what I could be doing between now and then? ? Patty
  11. Am I the only one??

    When applying for an ADN program in the spring, I knew that I didn't have what it took to be accepted for the class that begins in the fall, BUT...... When I got the letter today, like I KNEW would happen, they indeed said that I did not have enough ...
  12. If You Got Your Letter Post Here!!!

  13. Im losing my interest while waiting for letter

    Maybe you should talk to your family about this and hear what their thoughts. Maybe it's just "cold feet" about beginning something that is so overwhelming and time-consuming. Once you begin your program, the time will just fly by, I bet.
  14. Hospital job with no experience???

    I didn't know that "they" would let someone do that. :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf :smackingf Patty
  15. I'm 42 and I'm new here !!

    Hey, I'm 41 and new here too!!!