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hey , Im a senoir in highschool and soon to be graduating. Im very interested in becoming a cnra and was worndering what was the best route to take. I was thinking 2 yr RN program at community college and then my BSN , while... Read More

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    Go straight for BSN. It's technically not longer if you want your BSN and it is a straight path to follow. Good luck!!
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    I concur with all the others definitely go straight for your BSN. Life happened to me--marriage, kids, other job and now I'm 41 and JUST getting prepped to start taking my prereqs for BSN. I'll be 44 ish when I graduate my BSN program. I plan on doing my masters after that, so at this rate, I'll be around 47 when I get my Masters. I definitely wish I had done things differently and gone to nursing school years ago. it now while you are young! Good luck to you!
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