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Since we had these threads when I was in A&P I and II, and I thought I'd start one for Microbiology. Anybody else delving into the world of bacteria and viruses this fall? Let's start a support thread! Let's share our victories... Read More

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    Quote from RunnerRN2b2014
    My instructor gave us these websites to use in addition to our textbook websites:

    The Biology Project
    communicating at an unknown rate
    Virtual Cell Animation Collection
    Thanks for the great links!!!
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    Our back-ordered lab manuals FINALLY arrived! (Class starts tomorrow...nothing better than giving me a heart-attack before the semester starts!!!)

    Lecture - Microbiology: Principles & Explorations (Wiley Custom)
    Lab - Pearson Custom - Microbiology 204

    So, looks like we have customized books for both lecture & lab. Our school considers lab a separate class from lecture. 3 credit hours for lecture, 1 for lab. However, they BILL you for 3 credit hours for the lab, on top of an extra course fee.

    I took Micro 18 years ago and I absolutely loved it! I'm really looking forward to jumping back in and having fun in lab. I really loved all the hands-on work.
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    I'm starting micro next Mon!! Super excited as these are my VERY last two classes (I'm taking micro & pharm) before I hopefully start NS in Jan! Ready to get this semester going! I got a really good professor also so I'm pretty stoked about that!
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    My school is on the quarter system so I don't start Micro until October 1st. At least I'll already have tons of info and tips from you guys since you're all starting now!
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    I started lecture and lab today. I am going to love this course. Lab scared me a bit after all the warnings about putting personal items on the worktables and going home right after to wash your clothes in hot water and getting microorganisms on your body and splashing things and breaking things and setting things on fire.... I'm still excited about it though.

    Quote from SopranoKris
    Lecture - Microbiology: Principles & Explorations (Wiley Custom)
    That's the book I'm using!
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    MicroB for me! I think I'm more excited about microbiology than A&P 1. Interesting enough is that I'm going to have the same lecture prof for both MicroB and A&P 1...and the 2 classes are back to back.
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    Good luck!!!!!! I took Micro. It was interesting but not easy. I thought A&PI and II were wayyyy easier.
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    My microbiology class started on the 21st. My powerpoints for the class suck. I am so nervous!
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    I just took it in summer session and it was a lot of info but I really enjoyed what I learned. I am one of this students that takes awhile to process things but what really helped me was review the lecture recordings, rewrite my notes and I even took pics of everything in lab and add it to my notes, do study focus sheets and rewrite them again.... I was never a flash card person... Hth
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    Start class also aug. 27,2012 don`t know what to expect will keep u updated.

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