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I'm currently a sophomore and I failed my human anatomy and physiology I course. I ALWAYS have good study habits--I study every day and spend all my free time in the school library. I don't make time to hang out with friends or... Read More

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    I am sorry to hear that, but don’t be discouraged…look for other options..Do you really want to be a nurse and are you still willing to retake the subject? Things happen and there’s always a reason for that…It’s a good thing that you have realized your shortcomings and you know what your loopholes are…and that gives you the chance to still work on them!

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    Dust yourself off. Retake the class. I had to retake that class too. It was a real eye opening experience. Best advice I got was to make flash cards. I did. I carried them with me everywhere. Anytime I had a few minutes of spare time, and I mean anytime, several times each day, I would review them. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, really helped out. I took them to soccer games, when my family wasn't playing, I reviewed. I took them to BBQs you name it, my flash cards were with me! I have never considered myself a stupid person. I understand concepts without much review. I have never been one to study a lot. But for this class I had to modify my study habits.

    Don't just give up on this class. If you want to go anywhere in health care, you will need it. If you steer clear of health care, it won't hurt to have it.
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    Encourage your parents to go to nursing school - since they think it is such a great career path. LOL.

    PPs have all provided you with excellent advice. I do agree that 'everybody' should know how their bodies work - so A&P is great knowledge to have; like a 'users manual' for humans, right? But for heaven's sake, don't beat yourself up because it just isn't your thing. Just be aware, that pretty much all of your future nursing clinical classes will also involve A&P - so if you hate it now, it's not going to get any better from here on out.
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    It is not the end of the world. My GPA is not up to par with alot of others that I see applying to an RN program. I work full time and I'm a single mom of 2 children. Fortunately this past year I've had a wonderful boyfriend who is a huge help now but he has not always been there. My parents are a great support system. Even with all of them behind me my average is more B/C. It's rough juggling everything, especially when you're tired and you're falling asleep while trying to study. But I tell you what, I just got accepted into a LPN to RN bridge program today. Life is not over after one bad grade. I will get my RN while working my full time job as a LPN. Strive for what you want. If you don't want it bad enough for yourself then you will not get it. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do in life. It's yours and you're the only one who can live it.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone!!

    I am willing to retake the class if I am able to, but I'm worried about how that one failing grade looks to the schools when I apply. :/
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    You know whats crazy is I meet a girl in your same sitution this semester and she just ook the class over and aced it because nursing is something she wants to do. I know for my school there defintly going to see u failed it but just make sure u ACE that class thats a great way to redem yourself.Also in the essays u have to write you could include somethings about that struggle. Lastly I notice ur pareents suggested this field and my quesation is do u really want to become a nurse liek REALLY??? oo and dont compare urself to other students I thoug I was the best cuz my gpa then bam found out theres others who have the same if not higher ones then mines the goal is to stay confident in yourself and hope for the best really.
    ps didnt read the other comments so idk if u answered my question in those
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    If nursing is what you really want, then don't give up. I started to tear up because I was in your exact position. I am also a sophomore in college. My freshman year I attend a university and lived on campus (which was bad because parties and yeah you get the point) A&P require alot of attention. I fail with a D! I cried and started to second guess myself too. I transfer to a community college to be closer to home. I retook it and got a B in lecture and and A in lab. I am soo HAPPY! So don't give up! I 'm about to take A&p 2 in the spring.Most schools allow you to retake classes. And also remember that you can always applied to many nursing schools around you not just the one your at! Good luck
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    just retake the class over the summer or during the school year. recognize your mistakes and challenges & next time around you'll do fine.. Also have faith & pray. that always helps me when I'm struggling with a class/course and my prayers are ALWAYS answered.

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    Also, a lot of schools will replace the failing grade with the retake, so schools might not ever see you failed it. However, some schools do not do this, and average the two grades instead. Different nursing programs also have different policies on retakes. Some schools will only allow one retake, etc. It is in your best interest to determine what your current school's (as well as any nursing schools you are interested in applying to) policy is on retakes. Best of luck!
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    I wouldn't retake the class until you're sure nursing is something you want to pursue.

    Get some books on Myers Briggs personality types and take the test & learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Then consider career options that play to your strengths. Have you had jobs that you felt really great at? What was it that you liked about those jobs and can it translate into a career?

    Most people do not work in the field in which they get their degree. And a lot of parents are off base in recommending either nursing or law or pharmacy as a guaranteed secure job. Because of that misbelief, there is a glut of graduates in each of those areas and job prospects aren't great in a lot of areas. It's better to find something you are good at, or that you can do fairly happily, that pays the bills.
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