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  1. FutureNurseShammy

    My grades /:

    You guys are right.. I'll be working my ass off next semester. Thanks for the criticism. Sent from my iPhone
  2. FutureNurseShammy

    Should I quit nursing?

    You're not a quitter. Just pray and Ask God to help you. Even if you're not a christian, just say a little prayer anyway. It helps. You're not a quitter so dont QUIT! Bc you just might regret it...
  3. FutureNurseShammy

    Preparing for A&P1

    what was ur grade afterwards in this class?
  4. FutureNurseShammy

    My grades /:

    Wanted some advice on my 1st semester grades. I took 4 classes. College Algebra - C+ English 101- B+ Communication- B- College Reading Skills(CRS)- C My GPA is a 2.6. So far students older than me said since its my first semester of college, its expected. But others say its really BAD especially if I want to get into Nursing. Next semester ill be taking A&P1, SOCY, Psych, Stats, and English Comp. What's your opinion on my grades? /:
  5. FutureNurseShammy

    Failed anatomy and physiology course...questioning my choices

    just retake the class over the summer or during the school year. recognize your mistakes and challenges & next time around you'll do fine.. Also have faith & pray. that always helps me when I'm struggling with a class/course and my prayers are ALWAYS answered. Sent from my iPhone
  6. FutureNurseShammy

    Preparing for A&P1

    Thank you everyone for the advice! I'm using each and everyone of your advice. Hopefully I'll pass a high A! Becoming a nurse is really important to me! Even though Its only my 1st year in college, I still know what career I want to have in life & will never change my major. failure is not an option. I just need to make sure I don't get discouraged by assignments or think I won't be able to successfully pass classes- because these science courses have been done before by other pre nursing students so I can def do it too :] Sent from my iPhone
  7. FutureNurseShammy

    Preparing for A&P1

    Is there an app for netters for iPhones ?? Sent from my iPhone
  8. FutureNurseShammy

    FY2014 Navy Nurse Corps Direct Accession

  9. FutureNurseShammy

    Preparing for A&P1

    I'm going to start Anatomy and Physio 1 next semester and wanted an idea of how to pass. Like did you study before the semester and course began? How did you study for it? We're you ever nervous? I feel as though with me worrying so much about the future, I might doubt and then it'll interfere with my self esteem and capability of passing Sent from my iPhone
  10. FutureNurseShammy

    Study habits

    Omg This is really helpful! I'll be using all these methods while taking A&P1!! Thanks Sent from my iPhone
  11. FutureNurseShammy

    Advice on Schedule Please!!

    Ok so i just finished my 1st semester of college!! (i have a long way to go!) and i chose my courses for my spring semester: -Anatomy & Physiology 1 -English composition -Stats -Intro to Psych -Into to Sociology Now i was talking to someone and when i told them my schedule, they told me taking psych and socy wasnt a good fit together, especially while im taking A&P1 along with stats! I wanted to know if anyone thought that taking psych and socy together was a little too much or is that person just OVERexaggerating??? :)
  12. FutureNurseShammy

    Just finished my 1st semester today with my med surg final!

    I finished my 1st semester too yesterday! Sent from my iPhone
  13. FutureNurseShammy

    Is this insane?

    Now I wouldn't call you nuts but............ /: Sent from my iPhone
  14. FutureNurseShammy

    Need help deciding classes for next semester!!

    yeah people told me not to take any sciences together either because of how tough ONE science can be. but hey, if you know u can do the work and put in effort, then do it :)! Sent from my iPhone