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Anyone know of a school that offers this course to the general public? Seems like most of these classes are only offered as a part of a degree course and I need it as a prerequisite to a school I'm... Read More

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    You really don't need a course on this. We have the dosage tests as part of my pharmacology class. We don't really "learn" it in class. We are shown some problems, but really it is al on your own. Our book is pretty good, "Clinical Calculations Made Easy, 5th edition," by Gloria P. Craig. Mind you any old edition would probably do-- math doesn't exactly change. It shows all different types of examples. You are doing dimensional analysis, and really, this is the best, easiest way to learn calculations. If you have done chemistry, chances are you have already done DA.
    There is also a website, that a lot of people recommend. www.dosagehelp.com/
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    For the online course, do they use a textbook? If so, do you know the name of it?

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