Do you think MacBook 11inch would be good for Nursing School? Or is it too small?

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    I like the 11 inch MacBook laptop because I think it is very light and easy to get in my purse or backpack. Very light weight and just very practical but what do you guys think? Let me know
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    Would this be your only computer? I think you might find it to be too small for doing research and writing papers. However, you could purchase a monitor and a keyboard to hook it up to so that you could work on it more comfortably when not in school.
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    I have an 11" laptop as well as a 17" laptop. I find myself usually using the smaller one both at home and on the go. It works for me!
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    I have a MacBook Pro...and don't really like it. I'm planning on getting a netbook for school. Mac is not very user friendly, but if you are a Mac person then go for it.
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    I have the 11in MacBook and have gotten through my online MSN with it (6 more weeks!). I love it! I find it much more user friendly than windows! I have written a lot of papers with it with no problems! I would go to the Apple store and play around on one before you make your decision. Good luck!
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    I have a 13" Pro, but was trying to get an 11" Air (the VA wouldn't go for the Air). The 13" was fine, and I think something smaller would have worked well, too.

    The size and weight are definitely convenient. I took mine everywhere while in school.
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    I think the 11" mac air would be fine. Go with the base model. 4GB Ram and I5 processor.
    Use the $100 difference between the 11" and 13" model towards a 21" - 23" monitor or laser printer for home.
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    Good day:

    Why not a 13" Macbook Air for the extended battery life over the 11"?

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for all the advise I really appreciate them
    I will see how the first semester goes with my 11 inch if not i will have to upgrade! :$
    Anyone in the BSN program know how is the first semester?
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    I have 13 inch MacBook that I love. I wouldn't mind having an 11 inch MacBook and probably would have gone with that if I purchased it myself. But this was a gift and I am not complaining. Really one of the best gifts I've ever gotten for nursing school.

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