Do we still dissect things in a&p?

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    Just Curious if they still do that. We dissected rabbits in our animal a&p and the nursing students did cats. That was 17 years ago

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    I took A&P in 2010, and we dissected cats. The next semester the school changed over to dissecting pigs.
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    We're doing cats this semester for A&P 1. We're continuing with cats and also doing sheep organs and cow organs next semester for A&P 2.
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    My school uses human cadavers. We used them the entire time. And didn't have any animals. Why does everyone's school seem to have animals? :/

    Just wondering...Are animals better? Were they freshly dissected? Maybe that is more beneficial than a human specimen that has been preserved since the chemicals change the tissues?
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    My school (community college, but a pretty big one in the capital city of my state) does not dissect anything at all in A & P 1 or 2.
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    I took A&P in 2009 at a university, and we used cats that were already dissected.

    When I was in high school the year before that, we dissected our own frogs and fetal pigs in A&P.
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    My A&P class dissected a sheep's brain, a cow's eye, and a cow's heart. They were not fresh but preserved, and the lack of detail made the whole thing seem like a waste of time. The lab book had better pictures.
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    Depends on the school, because our community college uses cats but our university uses cadavers, which help more when learning about muscles.
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    I will be going to gloucester county in nj. If we have cats I should be a pro! LOL!! Deceased subjects defiantly look much different then the real thing. I really enjoyed the dissection but not the smell!! Stays on your stuff for days!!! That just reminded me I think I threw out my dissection tools
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    We did sheep brain, heart, cow eye, and the cat

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