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I have a pretty much all A average but I absolutely cannot understand college algebra. I've always been able to learn anything, but not this. How did everyone else get through it???... Read More

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    Also, I did start at the bottom when I went back to college. I've already taken Fundamentals of Algebra and Intermediate Algebra and passed them with no problems.
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    I have to take statistics next semester any advice????
    Statistics doesn't use even 10% of the stuff you had to do in algebra. Just learn the statistics terms and the equations and the significance of the various things you'll have to calculate. It was literally 6 years between when I took Algebra I and II and when I took statistics. I think if you can remember how to solve for an unknown, and add/subtract/multiply/divide, the rest of what you need is probably covered in the statistics book. LOL

    I really don't know why nursing schools require college algebra. Actually, many of them (except some BSRN degrees) have substituted a "nursing math" course. The only "algebra" I ever used for dosage calcs in R.N. school was covered quite well in a high school / G.E.D. math review book.
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    For math, honestly you just have to make sacrifices (such as any extra free time) and immserse yourself in it. I am finishing Intermediate Algebra this semester (a little over 4 weeks to go! Whew!), and it's extremely hard for me because I struggled in math all my life. I spend 3 hours a day after class in math lab just sitting there working problems, working problems, and working problem. Watch examples in the lab on the computer, and then work more problems. 3 hours a day. Then, I meet with my teacher, who realized from the beginning I was someone who struggled with math. So he meets me twice a week for an hour to sit there and work practice problems from that week's lessons, making sure I understand the concepts from beginning to end (because he knows without a good foundation, I'll struggle as I move into higher math in the future semesters). Then I go home, and I spend another hour or so going over problems I learned that day, before moving on to homework from other classes. Weekends? Tons of math practice. If I get stuck, I hit up YouTube, watch a video outlining how to work that type of problem, and then try again until I get it correct.

    For someone who struggled in math and couldn't even grasp the most basic concepts, I'm passing the class this semester with a A- at the moment. It just takes a TON of effort to be put into it if you are someone who struggles in math.
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    Well x_factor I admire your dedication but working 40 hours a week plus having a physiology class and lab doesn't allow me 3 hours every day to work on math. The other issue is that if I can't understand the concepts, I can't do the problems. I haven't totally given up yet. My professor will be gone next week and there will be a tutor available some times next week, and fortunately, I'm off one of the days the tutor is there. Wish me luck ya'll!

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