Can a teacher do this?

  1. Ok so I had a midterm yesterday. I have been studying for a little over two weeks straight for this example. I would go over the material she has posted online (she likes to do everything on power int) she also just does her lectures based on the power point. She gives us a little extra info during the class but nothing more then a page of notes. So I went over the stuff she gave us, I used the practice quiz online over and over and looked a things online and bit of the text book. I went into the test feeling pretty good and confidant I knew the material. When I got the test I was shocked to discover that the questions were in far more detail that she went in class. It was beyond the notes she gave us... We had several questions that ask you to put things in particulate order.... Like lots of them which I found strange because we didn't have much time.I'm aware this probably sounds like I'm whining but, I found myself rushing through the test because I was running out of time. I had to guess on so many questions because I couldn't read them all. I finished two minutes before she said pencils down. When I looked up, there was probably 30 or 40 % of the class that still hadn't finished. I asked other people what they thought and they thought the test was outrageous as well... I guess I could be whining but I keep thinking if I'm paying good money for tuition, and not being out in a situation she I'm being taught material I'm going to be tested on... It doesn't seem fair!Can anything be done about this?
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  3. by   FLArn
    Lecture hits the most important (in the instructor's point of view) material but you are responsible for all the information in the textbook along with the lecture notes and handouts. There isn't time in lecture hall to cover all the material, but yes, it's all fair game on the tests because that information might just be on the licensing exam.
  4. by   L8RRN
    How is it not fair? Did she test you on cardiac and you were learning fundamentals? Did you check to see if some of the material from the test was in the textbook and possibly a reading assignment? We did not get study guides or anything to help us narrow down the focus while I was in nursing school. Anything on that particular topic was fair game because the NCLEX doesn't tell you exactly what questions you will have and you need to get use to answering a variety of questions...not just what the instructor is able to cover during class or in a power point.
  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    I don't know how your instructor actually teaches, so I can't comment on that.
    However, in nursing school, there is far far too much information that can possibly be taught in lecture.
    You are 100% responsible to for your learning.
    The instructor presents the basic information and clarifies questions, but it is up to students to utilize their tools to study and learn.
    The tests in nursing school are a whole different beast than any test you have taken before.
    If you learn how to go about answer NCLEX style questions, then you have won half the battle.
    Once you understand this, you will find you can actually answer some questions correctly, even on material you haven't ccovered yet.
    Also, very little has to do with actual memorization, but with actual understanding.
    You can't just memorize your notes or power points because the test aren't asking you to regurgitate the information... the test are asking you to to apply it.
    I don't know what to think about so many students being unable to finish the exam.
    Is this everyone's first real exam in nursing school?
  6. by   NurseLife329
    Better get used to that.. That's nursing school for ya... Whatever the main subjects are that are lectured over in class.. Go to those sections in your text and read them over
  7. by   sharpeimom
    Better get used to it because that's the difference between high school and college. In high school, you're spoonfed the material, while in college you're treated like an adult who is responsible for her own learning.

    My husband just hits the high points in his lectures -- what he considers to be the most important facts, and expects his students to read and absorb what is on the syllabus on their own. He'll give students as much individual assistance as they need to understand the information, but expects that they will have done their
    job first and read everything first.
  8. by   Double-Helix
    Welcome to nursing school. No longer will you be spoon fed information and test questions. Yes, you'll have lectures and notes and quizzes, but you're noting going to find test questions verbatim from your notes. Nursing is about knowledge application. Not only do you have to know the information, but you have to understanding and be able to apply it to situations. It's completely fair, and this isn't the only class you'll find this to be true.
  9. by   NAA MOMO
    I never look at my power point after lecture. I read the whole chapter. Most of the time..
  10. by   Stephalump
    Yes, teachers can do that. It's called testing your knowledge. If you only put knowledge into your head from one of the required sources young age limited knowledges and you're taking a gamble.
  11. by   Dezy
    Wow everyone is talking to me like I'm fresh out of high school. I'm not, Im 27. Next, this is our 2nd mid term we received on anatomy and this is the third test we have received from this teach which had a totally different writing style. I know about understanding and not merely memorizing and it's not like I'm lazy and do jack all and complain. I work hard and I'm willing to do so bu my frustration lies wih not being told what to review.I know maybe a lot of people have been told to suck it up and deal with it and your on your own but I feel that's a cop out excuse for Someone not to do what they are beig paid good money to do. I want to be successful and I am willing to work my butt off for it. Maybe everyone else on here honks its ok to pass the buck because its always been like that but igot one think there is something messed up about it.I also am surprised by the lack of supportive responses or advi e given. Before people start ramming down my throat to grow up, remember what you have gone through and we are here to help Eachother not make Eachother feel like a pee-on because we're new to the game and need help. Anyone that's sent a supportive message I thank you.

    P.s I'm writi from an iPhone please excuse my errors.
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  12. by   FinallyMine
    I had almost the exact same thing happen at my last med/surg exam. The class average was a 74. The teacher is new to our school and isn't completely sure of what our knowledge base is at this point in our degrees, and she had to follow another teachers curriculum. After the exam she had a class discussion because she wants us to learn this stuff and it became apparent that we hadn't.
    She is making some adjustments to our lecture format so we are covering more in class. We have the same issue of too much material to cover so we need to do a ton of outside studying, our class just found that we all studied the wrong stuff.
    It was definitely a learning experience but it knocked down my class average almost 10 points! I will likely pass with a B but it was terrifying to get such a low grade. I need to have a test average of 80 to stay in my program or I will not be enrolled in the next semesters classes.
    It does happen, and yes they can. I completely understand the feeling of hitting a brick wall when it happens though.
    Take a deep breath, brush yourself off and start again.
  13. by   Dezy
    Sorry I failed to mention, this is for anatomy. I have the same teacher for anatomy and physiology.
  14. by   SunshineDaisy
    Hey, that happened to us this week! Our Peds test was a disaster. The class average was 71%, passing is 75!!