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Buying New books from Amazon?

  1. 0 What is your experience buying new books from Amazon for nursing school? The bookstore in the nursing school I will attend sells the books extremely expensive. I realized that I can save a lot of money through Amazon. I just want to make sure that any code that I could possibly need will work for me.

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    This will be my first time ordering books off amazon. I've always purchased my books at our schools bookstore, but as you said...they're way too pricey. Just find out the ISBN number which you can usually find on your schools website. When you enter it in at amazon or whatever other website you buy it from, it'll pop up with the book and price. I only ordered 2 nursing books off amazon. I saved a lot of $.
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    #2 1 is awesome. They're all used but, look at the description (a lot of people sell them new) and plenty of bookstores around the country sell books through them (its actually part of ebay). I have saved SO much money it's not even funny. And it's cheaper than amazon even.
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    Not nursing books, but I've bought ALL of my books from Amazon in the years i've gone to college. I think as long as ISBN is the same, you should be ok.
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    I buy almost all my books from amazon, and I've had to return a couple due to the professor listing the wrong book, and they were very fast and no troubles! Love Amazon! You can sign up for Amazon Prime and get the student rate and it's free 2-day shipping on selected items!
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    Problem with buying used books is that sometimes the classes require the CD or code that comes with the book. Chances are, you will not be getting those when you buy used from

    I love Prime (Student) -- cheap books and fast delivery.
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    I have bought all my college books through Amazon, but I am not in nursing school yet. Agreed with above poster, just check that you have the correct ISBN, edition...
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    I'm sure some people don't get the CD but most times it's listed in the description with no CD or you can ask the seller. I haven't had a problem with in 4 years.
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    Another person who loves here! Been using them since undergrad and wouldn't change a thing. Has saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE AMAZON!!! I have bought ALL of my books from them. Sign up for Amazon Student (with your .edu email) and you will get free 2 day shipping on all Prime eligible items! I often buy used books sold by Amazon themselves. (Mostly because it's free shipping) I have however bought from other merchants, and NEVER have had a problem. I've been burned by eBay before, but once I fell in love with Amazon, I will never go anywhere else!!
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    As long as you search by ISBN number, you should be fine. I usually go to for textbooks first and if they don't have it, Amazon is my next best bet. It's nice because you have the option of new, used, or rent most of the time. Check out the student prime account (6mo free trial and then $39/yr) for super fast shipping.
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    Yes, has worked out well so far.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks to all!