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I really want to work in a hospital setting So my plan B is hospital administration. That's only if I do not getting into nursing program.... How about you guys?... Read More

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    No Plan B here either. I have a lot riding on this. My dream is to be a nurse-midwife. If I don't get in, I can always go back to some secretary job or something, continue to take doula clients here and there. But to me, failure simply isn't an option. I will just keep trying, somehow, someway.
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    My plan b is to apply with a private school if I don't get accepted.
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    Apply again in the spring and get my cna meanwhile maybe work part time as a cna, and just keep applying. Work on my essay, gpa, experience (as a cna)
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    Well, I'm really heavily relying on plan a. Get good grades and go to my #1 choice school. Plan A's subscript says keep re-applying until I get in... but I'm really counting on making all this hard work pay off so I can get in on the 1st try.

    Plan B... though like I said, I'm pretty hardcore on plan A. Plan B if I have to wait for any reason for nursing admission I'll begin to work on an undergrad in Physiology and Neurobiology, because I LOVE science and may has well stay in school while I'm waiting.
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    I've applied to three nursing programs and if I don't get accepted, (I really don't even wanna think about that) I'll have nothing to fall back on. I have no plan B, I don't think I want to settle for a plan B like hospital admin, or anything really. If I don't get accepted this year, I'll try to boost up my results and reapply for the same nirsin programs next semester, that's my "plan B."
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    There is no plan B for me either. I just pray everything works out, hopefully hard work will pay off. :-)
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    I didn't have a plan B. Thank goodness I made it on my first try. I think it's a good idea to have at least some idea of a backup plan. It's really competitive everywhere.
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    No Plan B here, either- I have been working on this way too long for it not to work out! There is one particular program I want to attend, and if I don't get in the first time I will reapply until I do.
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    DO NOT have healthcare administration as plan B! Coming from a person with a Bachelors in Healthcare Admin, there are NO jobs out there. The qualifications are almost always 5-10 years experience, and many require some sort of healthcare background such as RN, MA, etc. Take it from someone who was halfway done with nursing, stopped, finished a BS in Healthcare Admin, out of school a year and working as a receptionist, and going back in May to finish my 1.5 years left of nursing school. Luckily, I'm still young and have no children as of yet, so it is very easy for me to go back. I wish I would have known what a crock the healthcare admin major is for entry level graduates. If you don't get in to nursing, try, try try! Good luck!
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    I have a plan a-e! Seriously...

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