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Hello all. I'm curious as to whether there are any new nursing students out there who are over 40. I find myself, a retired police officer (who has also has worked on and off as a CNA since 1990) looking to go back to school.... Read More

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    I'm in my 40s. There's quite a few of us on here, so you're in good company I'm returning to school to pursue my dream after getting laid off from a 17 year career.

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    I am 50 I've been in and out of school for a few years due to helping raise grandkids. I've done what I can to get as many classes done as possible. I was on the LPN route, but recently I was told due to my gpa and all the xtra classes I was able to take online while also helping raise the grands I qualified for the RN program. So I will be almost 51 when I begin clinicals beginning Jan 2014. I've noticed there are many like me out there and for anyone who thinks they are too old to do this, just do it!!!
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    Yep, like someone else said, lots of mid-lifers here so you're in good company. Hope to start RN program in the fall at 43. I was intimidated when I first started school but there were so many students around my age or older. It only takes one step to get started. Good luck!
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    A lot of us here, and a lot of us in school. I'm 44 and applying to my program. I'll be 45 when I start, and 47 when I sit for the NCLEX. My oldest will be starting college when I start the program, and my youngest will be a middle schooler. Add me to the column of people who think our age can be a benefit.

    I was also terrified when I started. I had butterflies the size of aircraft carriers in my stomach my first week of my first semester. I very quickly learned that the toughest thing about going back to school was taking that first step.
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    I got my BSN in 2008. I had a previous bachelors in business. I did an ABSN program and I was 34 when I graduated. In my 2nd degree program there were people age 23-52. So really anyone can do it. One thing to think about is the physical toll of bedside nursing. I switched to psych nursing about a year ago because my back and body was taking a beating from moving people, cleaning people, etc. I am a healthy male who works out all the time, but still..time stops for no one. No matter what I would still advise getting in a minimum of 1-2 years med/surg. Those skills are invaluable and now I really can work in any area I choose. Just my observations. Life is short so hit it hard.
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    I graduated LPN school 2 months after turning 39. I started back on the LPN to RN program when I was 42. I'll graduate this May at the age of 44 and will start right back again to do the RN to BSN program which should take me another year or so.

    I'm married, work full time and have a child who's 20 and one who's 11.

    As I've said many times and as I've read others will continue to age no matter what. In 5 years you will be 5 years can be just 5 years older OR you can be 5 years older WITH your RN license. It's your choice
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    My mother went back for her LPN at the age of 40! She had a 20, 18,and 16 year old at home! We are all so proud of her and now she is debating on going for her RN and she will be 46 this year! I commend anyone who goes back to school! My mom was so nervous and scared but she did and so can you! Best of luck and congrats on making the decision to return to school!
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    I'm 37 and just applied for an accelerated BSN program(I was a teacher). I have 6 children currently(one medically fragile foster son) and there ages are 1, 4, 4, 5, 9 and 11. I hope to start my program this summer, at which time the baby will be well enough to go to a non-medical home. I am so excited about school and learning!!! My husband is also a teacher and he is ready to be MOM for a year while I go to nursing school. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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    Quote from kmundhenke
    Hello all. I'm curious as to whether there are any new nursing students out there who are over 40. I find myself, a retired police officer (who has also has worked on and off as a CNA since 1990) looking to go back to school. I am married to a wonderful man who works as a cattleman/cowboy. But due to that, we have no insurance, very little retirement and no guarantee how long his body will stay intact. Subsequently, I am seriously looking at going back to school. I currently work as a manager for a local restaurant. And although I do not base my personal worth on what I do for a living, I believe that I need to do something to help secure our future. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Blessings - Kerri
    Well I am turning 39 years old this year, I have been in law enforcement forThe past 16 years. I am finishing up my last prereq class this semester. I find out next month if I have been accepted into the BSN program. It's never too late! Good luck!!
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    I love this!! I'll be 32 this year and just started my pre-reqs. If all goes as planned (crosses fingers) I hope to be in the program around age 34. But I'm hoping to become a CNM, so I won't be done with school until I'm 40/1. I have two kids, 2 and 4 and am a single mom. My mother thinks I'm nuts to be trying to do this, but when you have a strong calling, I guess you just go for it and make it happen.

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