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  1. Tally4970

    Job shortage just for ADN or BSN as well?!

    How long did it take for you to recieve a job offer? Where did you attend school? This is a huge concern, I don't want to put my head in the sand and think that it can't happen to me. I hear such mixed answers, it's hard to know what to think!
  2. Tally4970

    Job shortage just for ADN or BSN as well?!

    I live in the metro St. Louis, MO area
  3. I keep reading On Allnurses, about all the recently graduated nurses not finding jobs, etc... Most seem to have their ADN, Is this job shortage also true for graduate BSN? Not to take anything away from people who worked their tail off to get an ADN, I was just wondering if getting a BSN over a ADN made a difference in the job hunt. I already had an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, and did not want another associate degree. I wanted to get my bachelors degree, and I choose nursing. I live in the Midwest, and I am currently working on my BSN, this is a second career for me. I was curious what other people's thoughts were on the subject.
  4. Tally4970

    Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program?

    This information is a little off topic, but I am in Maryville's BSN program, and it is very unorganized! Everybody tells you something different. It is very frustrating, because it is so expensive! You wou,d think the program woukd be seamless by now! It's not a new program, so I can only imagine how they would be for a brand new program. Kind of scary....
  5. I have read multiple threads and topics that stress that nursing is all about critical thinking. Everybody stresses the high importance of this, my question is, what does that actually mean? For example, critical thinking means to me; common sense, using your head, thinking things through. Not just superficial thinking, but following through the whole thought and asking questions along the way. That being said, is this what everybody means when they talk about critical thinking in nursing? I start my clinical portion of my BSN program in the fall. I just finished all my nursing prereq's. My current GPA is 3.9, but I am worried how I learned and studied previously will not be good enough......how do I know or prepare for nursing critical thinking?
  6. Tally4970

    Online Stats

    I took stats in class and thought it was difficult. I received an A, but really worked my butt off for it! Math is not my strongest subject by far, and it stresses me out to even think about doing math. I get al flustered and freaked out for some reason. With that side note, it's all about how much work and time you are willing to put in. If you want it bad enough it will happen! :) Keep that tutor on standby......that should really really help. I needed someone showing me how, I could have never done it without that. The hard part wasn't the problems it was setting up them and figuring out which formula to use, after that is was just plugging numbers in calculator! The math portion wasn't bad at all. Good luck!
  7. I had finished A&P I and II with in class lab. They just started the online labs this past semester. Honestly, I can not imagine how that works our labs were so intense. I did have Micro last semester and our labs were all online. I have to tell you, I absolutely hated it. I got an A for the class, I enjoyed my teacher, but those labs were God awful! When I did my course evaluation I wrote I would not recommend anyone to take micro with Maryville because of this. It was a burden on the student, not too mention the "lab" kit cost over $300. So add another three hundred dollars onto a class that already cost over $1500! I had to keep and grow cultures at home, keeping the kids and dogs out of it! It was a nightmare.......hopefully the A&P labs will be better! I think Maryville thinks it helping students by trying to add things online, because most of us are working and going to school. But I didn't sign up for an online program nor do I want it! Okay, enough venting! :)
  8. Hey, you can't ever beat an honest answer! :)
  9. @calivianya your program is set up exactly like mine! Tough standards to say the least, which can be a lot of pressure. I always just try to think at least my school is turning out nurses that have excellent grades. I would rather have somebody taking care of my family that had great grades, then somebody who passed with a 60%! I think that is crazy, this is one profession where C's should NOT earn degrees.
  10. Tally4970

    30+ club! Lets do this together.

    @saldridge my school is in Saint Louis Missouri.
  11. The school I attend, you are not allowed to get anything below a B, in any class or you flunk out! It's a BSN program, I am surprised to hear so many people saying the can get in the 60, and 70's % on grades and still pass. I thought all nursing schools had the same level of grades needed.
  12. I am starting my clinical portion of my BSN in the fall. I have this summer off, but I am interested in reading/studying/reviewing anything that will help me in the Fall. Nothing too crazy, but I just feel I do have some free time this summer, and if it helps me in the Fall it will be well worth it! So far, most people that I have asked say, enjoy your time off! One person mentioned going over Pharmacology, they found it difficult in nursing and it carried over to every class and clinical. So I am currently looking for a book, that is a good introduction into Pharm. Hopefully, you will hear something from people that have been through it. For me, its the fear of the unknown that bothers me, along with everyone saying how crazy hard and intense it is. I would feel better, if I could do something to better prepare myself. So far, I am reading over my A&P I and II book. Good luck!
  13. I was accepted into Maryville BSN WEC for fall of 2013. I can't say for certain, but last I had heard the lowest GPA that was accepted was around 3.4. Again this is just what I have heard. Not sure if that helps you or not. I can say from my experience, my GPA from the first time I went to college, was not good. I believe my grades were: A, C, D, F. Embarrassing I know, but I was 18! I am now 38, so all my grades that were over ten years old did not count towards my current GPA. They do that for any students that have poor grades from over ten years. GPA forgiveness. I started going back to school a couple of years ago, and when I applied with Maryville my GPA was a 3.9 I then took 21 credit hours with Maryville (all the nursing prereq's) and I still have a 3.9. Hope some of this information helped!
  14. Tally4970

    30+ club! Lets do this together.

    I am 38 years old, this is a second career for me. I have a degree in criminal justice already. I am married with two kids (both in select sports), and work full time. I just finished a year and a half of nursing prereq's with a 4.0. I attend a BSN weekend and evening nursing program. I start my nursing classes in 8 weeks! We can all do this!!! (fingers crossed)
  15. Actually, I know that's not how it works at my local hospital, my mom is a NP and my sister is an RN at this hospital and that is exactly how it works there. Again this is not the question, it's when should I make the transition.......
  16. At our local hospital I am 100% certain this is the way it works, your non-RN job can and does count towards your RN seniority once you become an RN.