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  1. anime09

    California BRN Processing Times Poll

    I applied from Georgia but had already done Speech and Communication at a Community College. I needed license by endorsement for RN. Went to Sacramento specifically to hand deliver my application on May 25. I was curious to see if that would speed the process. Went from the airport to Livescan, printed application form and next day went to the Board. Had my transcript, receipt from Livescan and Nursys and a check along with ID and application. I did not pay the $50 for temporary license, seems like a waste. Two weeks later I logged on to CA Breeze to track and see if I needed any further documentation and I checked every week until I saw the license posted today, exactly one day before the 3 months waiting period. Going directly was not advantageous for me but I was also curious. Hope this tidbit helps someone in obtaining their license.
  2. anime09

    Psych NP programs

    I am 57 years young and is searching like crazy for a psych NP program online. Got rejected from Georgia Southern BSN to DNP program but I will not be discouraged. I have no time for that so I have chosen to keep it moving. I finished a BSN program in 2015 because I swore that I had to be a nurse, so here I am now wanting to go another mile. All you younger nurses (40s 50s+) don't you give up. Find a way to achieve your dream now because the regret can be too much.
  3. anime09

    out with injury and more

    I am also on workers comp injury leave, rotator cuff injury, and will need surgery. I have been out for three weeks now and though I can't do much with this injury, has accomplished much at home. I was curious as to what other areas of nursing can I use to earn income if I am not able to return to floor duty. Was thinking that processing insurance claims may be an option but I do not have any experience in that area. Any ideas floating around that could help ease the worry that I presently feel?
  4. anime09

    Licensure by Endorsement timing?

    I transferred to PA also and I am currently using my temporary license which is good for a year. The employers will accept, at least mine did, until you complete the mandatory CEU for mandated reporter that PA requires to process your permanent license. After you complete the 3 hours training for endorsement the wait is up to ten days. Hope this helped a little.
  5. anime09

    Street nursing

    Has anyone ever delivered healthcare to those undeserved living on the streets? I am in the process of responding to my call to seek out and serve the homeless population on the streets of Atlanta through a non-profit organization delivering health care to those in need and providing un-biased nursing care. I was wondering if anyone may have done this type of nursing before and can share any pointers that can assist a new grad on this journey.
  6. anime09

    pearson vue trick

    Happymode, I am truly sorry to hear because I only had the feeling and was already devastated but you have the right attitude to just pick up and start again. I used Uworld and Hurst ans was impressed with the uworld rationales. I learned a lot and can say if I did not use them I don't think I would have passed. There was a drug questions that I was not familiar with but looking at the answer choices I was able to deduce from that the best answer for the question. I went over Hurst on how to answer questions, what to look for, and make sure to focus on the stem regardless of how many fillers the questions had and that seemed to have helped. Try uworld is the best advice I can give to anyone in the valley of decision as to what to study. It shall and can be done.
  7. anime09

    HELPPPPP !!!!!Failed nclex twice, last chance next

    Vulupure, I agree 100% that Uworld is awesome. I passed the boards on October 6th and all I reviewed was Uworld and some Hurst. The rationales were the best and I made notes and was able to review those after my 30 days subscription with Uworld. I will agree it was really worth it and it also helped that the testing screen for NCLEX mirrored Uworld so I felt familiar with the layout. I stopped after 92 questions and though I felt for sure that I failed due to the similarities of the answer choices and the difficulty with choosing the correct one, but I knew the content with the help of Uworld. For anyone who is still searching give it a shot and then decide for yourselves.
  8. anime09

    Can a doctor "order" a nurse to not assess something?

    Just wondering if anyone asked the doctor why he was against the vital signs been taken. There can be no arguments, I think until there is clarification.
  9. anime09

    Brian Short News

    So sorry to hear of Brian's passing, my condolences to his family and friends. May you find strength in knowing there are thousands of us who will be praying for you at this time of grief.
  10. anime09

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I am also 55 and an LPN for 17 years and just graduated from a BSN program. It was quite challenging but age didn't matter when it came to applying myself. For many reasons I will not be applying to hospitals for employment one of which is I do not feel like I need to work Med-surg to be a nurse given that some places work you like animals. I have thought about hospice and home care as well as Public health centers until I have completed the Masters degree in MSN/MPH. The program I attended did not appear to discriminate because there were several of the over 50 are group in attendance and we all completed the program. You must try all you can because one of the worst things in life is looking back and wishing that you had done more. Do not short change yourself, be confident have faith. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  11. anime09

    Newbie student at 50

    Sch-64, I am here to tell you that you are not alone in the fifties age range. I am 54 years old and is in my last semester of a BSN program that runs 8-weeks sessions. Rigorous, but doable. I will tell you to get going and forget age. It truly means nothing in the grand scheme of things and you have made the right choice. Step out in faith and do it.
  12. anime09

    What do you so to relax from nursing school?

    Bravera, it is NEVER a shame to catch up on Korean dramas, they give me a warm feeling to go on to the next hard class. Enjoy them.
  13. anime09

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    Awesome, and thanks in advance. Was attempting to sign on Devryu.net for book info, but wasn't able to. I will try again though.
  14. anime09

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    NR 222 and Micro online, and steadfast looking for resources to assist me in getting by.
  15. anime09

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    NR 101, NR 222, and Micro. Hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew.