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  1. 1 Hi everyone,

    Who here is applying for 2014? What schools are you applying to?.

    I am applying to BHCC for their weekend program, RCC for their evening program, and Massasoit for their evening program.

    Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Hi I'm a 2014 Spring applicant . I'm applying to SSU, SRJC, Mendocino College, Dominican, PUC. I'm also back up applying to an LVN program as an LVN to BSN bridge program can be a little easier to get into, and my pre-req's are completed. I'm in California where all the programs are super impacted. I'm applying to everything in driving distance. My current GPA is 3.76 my prerequisite GPA is at 4.0 right now.
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    I'm in Atlanta and will be applying for fall of 2014. I plan on applying to Emory, Mercer, Kennesaw State, Clayton State, and Gordon College's ADN as a backup. I have all of my core for a BSN completed though, so I am praying I get in to one of the BSN programs the first try!
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    Im in NY and am applying for either Spring or Fall 2014. Im torn between trying to finish all my pre-reqs during the summer so I can start in January or just do Fall 2014. But I hate the thought of extending nursing school for ANOTHER 6 months. But its probably the right thing to do. So I think I will do my pre-reqs between the summer and Fall, and apply for Fall 2014. Maybe that way I can also complete CNA training over the summer.
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    I am in central FL and I will apply to UCF's BSN program in Cocoa, FL for Spring 2014...
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    Applying Spring 2014 to University of Maryland. No back up schools, just want to go to UMSON. I have a pile of stuff to finish before then! Applications are due by Sept. 1st. I still have to finish my courses (I'll be taking Statistic, Integrated Chemistry, Writing for professionals and a Communications class to finish before getting accepted.) I'm hoping this won't hurt my chances of getting in, I know my school does provisional admission and you just have to get B's in the classes you're taking. Counting on that!
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    I am in Memphis. I am applying to SWTCC for there ADN program. I can't apply to NWMCC because you have to be a resident of the state. Since I want to get my RN then bridge to BSN, I'll have to put all of my eggs into one basket with SWTCC.
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    So nice to hear where everyone is at so far! I wish you all the best in your acceptances!!
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    I'm in Ohio. I am applying this summer for an ADN program. Due to the long waiting list, I have to apply this summer to try to get in January 2014.
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    I'm applying in May for a BSN program here. Praying that I get in!
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    I am in California, I am applying to Evergreen Valley, SBCC, CCSF. I am still looking into more colleges and even plan to look outside of California because there are so many students in nursing. I will apply Spring 2014.
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    I am in Alabama and applying to NWSCC and Calhoun. Already turned in applications and hopefully will start ADN classes in August. I won't find out until the summer. Good luck to you too!
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    HI! I will be applying for my LPN clinicals @ HACC in Lancaster, PA. I am so on edge! I apply for my clinicals this August (2013) but will start clinicals (hopefully if I get in) Jan 2014. I am taking my final pre requisite, Biology, and I am very scared. So far I have a 4.0 GPA but I am so afraid that I might not do well, this class is hard! My motivation is my dead-end registrar job at a hospital. I am sooooo ready to move on to a much more rewarding career. Good luck to everyone!