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It was five minutes till seven at the end of a long but good shift. I was on my way to fill my water bottle before giving report to the oncoming nurse. A nurse called out to me, "hey aren't you a family presence facilitator?" I... Read More

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    Quote from AnonRNC
    I love that your facility values taking care of the parent. I recall a code - years ago - the mom went into the bathroom and could be heard vomitting while we coded the baby. I'll never forget that.
    WOW... :-/
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    As nurses, we can't always change an outcome, but we can make most situations, even the most painful and horrific...just a little bit easier to bear with our compassion and how we care. Nurses rock, and most of my most intense "I am a DAMN good nurse" moments come from helping the patient and family cope.
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    I don't work with babies, and I'm not sure I could, either. Your story reminds me of those days we all have, I think, that were brutally hard, yet tend to remind us why we do this job. Scary, sad, and difficult, for sure, but for those moments you were exactly what that mom needed. Those moments, as difficult as they are, and the types of moments that keep us going.
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    Oh poor baby, and it is really a tough job to do.
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    This story is very moving. Thanks for sharing. You're amazing.
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    wow..waterworks...thank you for sharing. This mom was lucky to have you there for her.
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    I hope it hits you how much of a valued asset you are, not only within nursing, but in the world. That mother will remember many things about such a horrible ordeal, and she will never forget you and your actions. As much as it may hit you, I think it rings true for so many of us - this is it, this is the reality, and this is why we are here.

    Thank you for all you do.
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    Thank you for sharing!! You are an inspiration and I believe God put you in the place you are for people that truly need you.
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    (((((((((((((((UMCRN))))))))))))) Rough!
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    Moments like this is why I'm a PICU nurse. Being there for the parents as much as we are there for the patients is so integral to PICU nursing. I'm glad your hospital has nurses trained to be there for the parents when the social workers or chaplains can't be there in time. I have no doubt that mom was grateful for your presence and support.

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