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  1. 0 Hi All. I'm new to Philadelphia (just paid my second month's rent!) and ultimately want to become an RN. I'm currently working in Real Estate, and it's ok, and a second job in food service. I'd like to get some health care experience and becoming a CNA seems to be the best way to do it while waiting for instate tuition and to save up for a bit.

    I'm looking for CNA training programs in Philadelphia, and for some reason I'm having issues with the google search- I'm just turning up a lot of directory pages that just lead me to more searches and whatnot. So, where to go for CNA training in the city? Are there any places in the city that would offer free training in exchange for me committing to work there as a CNA?

    Any advice, links, program names would be appreciated.
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    There is a fairly new program at Community College of Philadelphia.
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    Quote from CCP06
    There is a fairly new program at Community College of Philadelphia.

    this actually has a new site...

    hope this will help
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    I'm not sure where in Philadelphia you're at, but there's a good program at Bucks County Community College...
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    Community College of Philadelphia has an amazing nursing program. However, submission to be accepted is over this year, and you must apply beginning next winter for the 2009 program. You can try Northeastern Hospital, which is a branch of Temple, Drexel, or Bucks County Community. Good lyuck in Philadelphia.
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    Hi I'm from Phila Pa and there is a CNA program at Frankfort Hospital . It's close to Bridge and Pratt by SEPTA. Th program is about 1500 dollars. They offer day and night classes full time and part time. Also Community College Of Phila offers something . Good luck! It was Clinical Pathways on Harrison st.
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    Fair Acres in Delaware County offers cna training free of charge as long as u work for them dont know how far u are willing to travel
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    Free cna program at holy redeemer hospital. give them a call they then employ you. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A good resource for finding nursing homes that are state approved to offer nurse aide training classes in PA is at From what I understand many facilities will cover the expenses for your training, unlike community colleges or private schools. Good luck
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    I am looking into starting a CNA class as well, so far I know there is a 4 week course at the Red Cross. I hear there is one at Delaware County College.
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    i've also started looking into cna classes. i applied at holy redeemer, but i haven't heard from them yet. i also contacted the red cross and this is the info they gave me regarding their program:

    "hello, the nursing aid training, is a four (4) week program held monday thru friday from 8 am to 4 pm, the class is held at the red cross house. the cost for the course $1400. you must have lived in pa for the last 2 year, if not you would need to call arthur richardson at 1-717-772-0814 before you can come to an orientation. you would need to schedule yourself for an orientation at the american red cross building at 23rd & chestnut streets. during the orientation you will take a reading skills test, fill out paper work such as an application, a criminal back ground check. once you have been cleared and passed the reading skills test, then you will receive a packet of information, in this packet is a form that the doctor will need to fill out. this form is a physical it will take a minimum of two weeks to have the two tb tests done. once you have completed and returned all the paper work, then you can be enrolled into the next available class. to apply for a grant or scholarship you need to be working 20 hour or less a week or making $8 or less per hour and you will need to bring in proof with two (2) pay check stubs. if you have any other questions please feel free to call me or call 1-800-422-7677. thank you
    the next nat classes are 07/27/09 - 08/21/09, 08/17/09 - 09/14/09, 08/31/09 - 09/28/09, 09/21/09 - 10/16/09, 10/05/09 - 10/30/09, 11/09/09 - 12/09/09, 11/30/09 - 12/30/09'"

    unfortunately, i am a student and these hours aren't going to work for me because i have classes all day. i'm hoping they have another class that runs late december through january because i'll be on winter break so i'll be able to attend. in the mean time i'm going to continue looking into other programs.

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    I am not sure.
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