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I am currently a MD nurse. I am moving to PA. I am going to keep my job in Maryland. My current nursing director told me that even though I will not be working in PA, I need a license there. I have started filling out the application, but am stuck. I have NO IDEA how to obtain the CHRC. When I applied for MD license, I went and had my fingerprints done and provided the facility with the Maryland BON's CJIS authorization number and FBI ORI number. I cannot find these numbers for PA anywhere. How do I go about getting my fingerprinting done and having it sent to the PA BON? It looks like I am supposed to upload the results before I can even move on to the next step in the application. Can I go to a fingerprinting facility and say I want the CHRC for myself and then once they send me the results, upload a picture of that? 

Please help. I am so lost. 

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Is your MD license compact?

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It currently is, but once I change my address to PA, the MD license will be a single state license. If I am not working in PA, do I really need a PA license just because I live there? My director thinks yes, but she really doesn't know, and I cannot find any real information on this specific question. 

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If you're working in MD, you need a MD or compact license. PA has only partially enacted the compact- nurses with compact licenses from other states can work in PA, but they are not yet issuing compact licenses to PA residents. So, once that's in effect, you'll need to apply for the PA compact license but until then, the PA license won't be valid for MD.

Here's more info on fingerprinting - it's not specific to just nurses since all licenses are processed by one department so not sure if you found it previously.

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