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  1. Jasmine777

    CNA Training in Philadelphia

    A good resource for finding nursing homes that are state approved to offer nurse aide training classes in PA is at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-assistant-pa.php. From what I understand many facilities will cover the expenses for your training, unlike community colleges or private schools. Good luck
  2. Jasmine777

    CNA training in OKC

    You might want to take a look at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ok.php, it has nursing homes, colleges, and private CNA schools to pick from. All of them offer state-approved CNA courses. Good luck!
  3. Jasmine777

    CNA classes and requirments in Indiana

    If you are still searching for facilities who are offering CNA training then I would suggest looking at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-in.php. I agree with what other members have posted above, most nursing homes will train you for free. You must call around and see which ones have available programs though. Good luck!
  4. Jasmine777

    Affordable CNA training in Northern VA?

    I think working as a CNA while in nursing school is a good idea, as it will give you hands-on experience with clients and a taste of what is like to work in a health care environment. If you are looking for a training program at a nursing home I would recommend choosing one in your area from http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-va.php. Community colleges tend to be pricey and to focus less on clinical practice than do long-term care facilities. It is ultimately up to you to choose a program that fits you best.
  5. Jasmine777

    Cna classes in AV area?

    I would take a look at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ca.php where they have all the state-approved CNA program providers in California. Make sure you look at all the pages they have and pay attention to the town. Make a list of the nursing homes in your area and call them up. As far as I know they will train you for free. Good luck to you!
  6. Jasmine777

    CNA classes!

    There are nursing homes that will train you for free as long as you will commit to working for them. The majority of CNA training providers in Tennessee are nursing homes and community colleges. For a complete list of state-approved programs check out http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-tn.php. You must call and inquire about the training, schedules, etc. Good luck!
  7. Jasmine777

    CNA in Memphis

    You can find a complete list of facilities and community colleges offering CNA training in Tennessee at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-tn.php. Choose your location and make sure you call nursing homes to inquire about cost free programs.
  8. Jasmine777

    CNA Training Programs in Atlanta

    CNA programs listed by county can be found at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php. I found this resource very helpful in terms of locating classes, contacting NAR registries, etc. Hope it helps!
  9. Jasmine777

    CNA course in GA

    You can find a free listing of all the CNA programs in Georgia at http://www.cnatips.com, make sure you choose CNA Classes from menu and then pick your state from the map. Good luck!
  10. Jasmine777

    Questions about CNA, RN and BSN(Need help)

    Hi, My advice would be to first complete a CNA program and see if you like working in health care. While you work as a CNA take your pre-requisites for nursing school, preferrably for an accelerated BSN program. There are accelerated BSN programs out there that require just one year to complete (after you have all your pre-reqs). Nursing school is NOT easy, especially when you do a fast-track program. You must apply in advance to make sure you will get accepted once you finish your pre-reqs and do not have to wait too long. If you need a list of state-approved CNA programs in your area check out http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php and select the county you are interested in from the map available there. Some of these programs may be free if taken at a nursing home. It's very important that you become a CNA first do see if you truly want to be an RN later on. While the two jobs are NOT the same, you will get to experience working in a health care environment, and helping patients with ADLs (bathing, feeding, turning, etc.) which is part of nursing as well. Before you spend lots of money in nursing school make sure you really want to make a carreer out of it! Best of luck to you!
  11. Jasmine777


    You can take CNA classes at a nursing facility, a community college, or a private school. For a free list of CNA programs offered in your area look at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php. Select the specific area you live in (county) from the map on the page to see what programs are available there. Some nursing homes may offer to train you for free but they might require that you work for them after completing the training.
  12. Jasmine777

    CNA classes

    For a complete list of CNA schools in your area take a look at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php. Make sure you select the counties you are interested in from the map available there so that only programs that are close to your location are displayed. Hope that helps!
  13. Jasmine777

    CNA Program Near Acworth/Kennesaw?

    You can search for programs in your area at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php. Make sure you select your specific area from the map they have there and it will give you a list of all the long term care facilities and other schools offering CNA training. Best of luck!
  14. Jasmine777

    CNA PROGRAMS???michigan

    Take a look at the CNA programs and nurse aide schools listed here: http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-mi.php. You might also use their CNA exam practice tests and video section later on, after you complete the class and get ready for the state evaluation. Good luck to you!
  15. Jasmine777

    Please Help! WANTED: Nurse Aide Practice Tests

    You can find free practice tests and skills videos for the nursing assistant examination at http://www.cnatips.com/videos/cna-practice-tests.php. They also give study tips and test taking strategies. Hope that helps!
  16. Jasmine777

    CNA programs in orange or LA county

    For a free list of CNA programs in California you may want to take a look at http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ca.php. They have a very useful map that allows you to choose the region (county) of interest and the results include long-term care facilities, private schools and community colleges. As far as I know many nursing homes are willing to train for free but I would call and ask for specifics. Good luck!

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