Am I crazy or what to drive 90 miles each way for first nursing job - page 2

Hi, I can't find a job in the Philly tristate area. I'm thinking about applying to Maryland hospital. I would hope to just work 3 days and commute. How far would you guys commute for your first job?... Read More

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    I think that's like 2 hours drive for me, I'm in Levittown. Iridium have you found something yet?

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    A train from Philly???
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    Quote from sharon2012rn
    A train from Philly???
    Yup, from 30th st station I believe.
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    I'm not a new grad, but an old experienced RN who can't find a position around the Philly area. When I interviewed for positions far away, 50+miles, I got the stupid question from the HR and Nurse manager- "why so far away from where you live?" Do these people live in caves or vaccums? How come they don't know what's going on in this industry? I am to the point- I don't feel like answering such a dumb question?
    Do any of you get this question and how do you answer it?
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    it's hard to not laugh when you get the question or the surprised look that you haven't found a job yet.
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    Quote from kcmylorn
    I interviewed for positions far away, 50+miles, I got the stupid question from the HR and Nurse manager- "why so far away from where you live?"
    I'm not from this area but I got the same question. I was thinking, "ehhh most people nowadays have some commute, why is that so weird?" She made a big deal out of it but her loss, I know commute the same time to my work now and I love it!
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    I had to laugh at the commute question/look of surprise, too! However, from their point of view, they want to be sure if they hire you, you won't quit in a month because the commute is too far.

    My first job was an hour's commute each way, but I wanted it as I went right to the OR. I did it then, but I definitely could not do it now. I really feel for all of these nurses looking in the Philly area. Job market is terrible.
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    90 minutes would be a loooooong commute. I was commuting 40 in to Philly and that took me routinely 90 minutes. If you can cluster your shifts and stay over that could work, but you might not always be able to cluster your shifts.
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    I drive an hour to work everyday now and I'm used to it. I hv a desk job now, so I know after standing on my feet, the drive will be a little rough but I'm willing to sacrfice and take the plunge if hired.
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    I couldn't find a job in the philly area when I graduated several years so I came to maryland. The advantage is that if you work in maryland, you can claim exemption from their state tax in which case they take out PA taxes instead. Commuting each day is awful though. I would look for a place to stay while you're here. I decided to move to philly this year while still working in MD till I found a job in philly. if you have any questions, let me know.

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