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  1. Any PA Public Health Nurses Here?

    ::Bump:: also interested in hearing thoughts on this!
  2. Hi all, Looking for some insight on Penn Medicine, specifically Pennsylvania Hospital...and even more specifically Labor and Delivery. But am interested in hearing about the organization in general or L&D experience at HUP. Does anyone work th...
  3. Mother baby RNC

    Thanks, I'll look into this book. I've been doing Mom-Baby nursing for almost 5 years, so hopefully I don't need another 2 years of prep work! lol
  4. Mother baby RNC

    How long did you prepare for the test for in terms of formal studying? Did you buy a book? The test is expensive but I'd like to be certified.
  5. International SOS

    Hi, Have any RNs out there worked as a nurse coordinator for International SOS? If so, can you share your opinion/details? Curious to hear an RNs point of view as I have read some poor reviews from other employees. Thanks.
  6. I would be very interested in this as well. I realize this post is old, but any updates? I too am specifically interested in Colombia.
  7. What's a fair salary for a NEW RN GRAD?

    I'd say normal is around $27/hour + any differentials. I believe in NJ some places pay more than that, upwards of $30. I have been hired at a hospital in Philadelphia and the pay is higher than I was told at the few other hospitals I applied at. I...
  8. Calling ALL RN's at A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital (DE.)

    I'd also be curious about working at Dupont.
  9. Choices

    Congrats on the offer but definitely take the interview (you may have already gone by now)!
  10. NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    Go to "Consumer Information," then "Know Your Board." I fiddled around with some email, for example.
  11. Oops, I mean I did NOT end up attending UM for nursing school and hence I'm not working at the hospital now even though I was awarded the scholarship.
  12. NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    Not that this helps any of you, but I emailed the contact on the website in charge of applications by endorsement for ppl with the last names A-F. I had everything "checked" that needed to be. I e-mailed her yesterday and as of today my license # i...
  13. OH, I forgot to add, even though I felt the women were intimidating and I did not do well, I got the scholarship! A sad state of events did not permit me from attending, though...
  14. I think they will definitely ask "why nursing?." You have to know why you want to do BEDSIDE nursing, too.
  15. Hello! I actually applied for the accelerated BSN program at UM. I was admitted and subsequently applied for a scholarship program in which you are then required to work for 3 years at the hospital. I was invited to interview. I interviewed with ...