A question about culture (what does string around the waist mean?)

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    Hi folks,

    While doing a clinical in the ED this past weekend, we had an infant come in who, when stripped down to his birthday suit, was found to be wearing a thin "belt" of leather/string tied around his waist. I assume that this has some cultural or religous significance, but I can't find any sort of reference to this practice. Do any of you know what this might mean? I think that the parents were of Indian (not Native American) descent, but I could be wrong about that.

    Just curious about this, and I didn't have the opportunity to ask the parents...I was hoping someone might be able to help me out.

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    Hi, from what I have heard from my granny,they used to tie a piece of string around the navel as a way to hold the bellybutton in so the child would not have an outie.
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    I might be wrong, but I think the Hindu religion has this.
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    Shucks if I know
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    I've heard of putting a penny in the belly button to prevent a hernia, or to repair a hernia, but never heard of a string arond the waist.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I suppose this just teaches me that I need to speak up and ask when I have questions like these...

    Thanks again...
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    could just be a sibiling......
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    Nahh...you guys are all wrong....

    I'm doing a cultural paper as we speak. Here's the scoop:

    In Hispanic (Latino) culture, it is believed that a spell is cast on a child when a person with the evil eye (mal de ojo) admires the child without touching it. Children are protected by special earrings, necklaces, amulets or other jewelry, or, in this case, a belt, which should not be removed during examinations.

    Hope this helps....
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    Russian Orthodox have a string tied around the waist at birth (?) and it stays on...committment to God? Not sure. Came in contact with a few in L&D, string NEVER comes off.
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    Hmong babies often have a string bracelet. Something to do with keeping the baby's soul attached to him.

    Anyone read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"?