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How do pediatric nurses feel when they have to take care of an adult patient? We do not get that many, but we do get a few when there is no one to transition them to. Many of my co workers get... Read More

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    Wow! At our paediatric hospital we have a transition program to get them to an adult facility. The only time we see adults is when they are pregnant with a child who is going to be a patient in our hospital OR if the child is potentially going to pass away prior to ever getting use of transitioning. In ED we take kids up to 15 years and 9 months (unless known to us) and transition them when they finish school (around 17).
    The doctors taking care of a child who is not transitioning in the guidelines actually have to do a form and send it off to a department explaining why they are not transitioning and basically get it "approved". It comes down to funding I guess.
    The oldest pt in my paeds hospital I have taken care of was 19 and was still there because he was SOOOOO complex, and wasn't expected to make it till 20. We all knew him so well anyway we didn't want him to go!!
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    I am actually a patient at a pedeatric hospital. I have a complex medical history and have been a patient there since I was 3. I have a genetic disorder (called Neurofibromatosis) that there are only 2 groups of docs who treat it in the state. there are 3 types of my disorder (actually all completly different but called the same disorder) and my doc's group focuses on my type. The other group focus' on one of the other types.

    I also see lots of other docs, but because that doc is there it is better to have everyone there so that they can all talk easily because my disorder can cause problems with any system at any time.
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    I work at a stand-alone peds hospital that is not attached to any adult hospital. We get the cardiac/congenital defects patients mentioned already on this thread. We also will get some patients that had their life-changing event (head trauma, etc) as a child and the family is more comfortable with our set of MD's because they know the patient so well. We have had patients in their early 20's that fit into that category. I'm sure they must phase them to adult medicine at some point. . .

    We have had a couple of very much older patients who had rare congenital syndromes and the only MD's available in our geographical location who are familiar with those are peds MD's. Usually those patients are very much cognitively impaired and their mental/emotional needs are easily handled by us. The ones I've cared for are also smaller in stature, more "kid-like" in many ways.
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    I have been doing a placement in adult respiratory and we get all the paeds for lung transplants. All the nurses have been doing extra training, but it's tricky to adjust. We get all the CF patients when they are over 18 though.
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    We have a huge comprehensive care service, so they all come back to the comprehensive peds floor as that is where their docs are.

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