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  1. sergel02

    Maxim Healthcare- competency/skills assessment?

    Is there a particular reason you stopped working for them? They seem to be the biggest employer for peds private duty in my area so I always see postings every few months from them.
  2. sergel02

    Quitting first RN job

    Just want to add you’re not alone for sure. I’ve been a nurse for 4 years, though not in ICU, and bedside is just burning me out. I feel like it’s worse now than earlier but maybe COVID is part of that. In self assessment tools I’m scoring high on an...
  3. sergel02

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    That makes me sad ? I had a patient who worked in my hospital decades ago and retired in the 80s. Staffing was tight and I explained to her at the end of the shift that I didn’t see her as much because of that, and she said it was just like that...
  4. sergel02

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    I think overall I agree on a philosophical level since we’ve seen in history how mandating certain things can go wrong, and it’s not bad to be critical of our governments. Though I feel like with the Covid vaccine it is more than personal choice...
  5. sergel02

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    I remember years ago during nursing school there was lots of talk about the nursing shortage. Went to apply to a bunch of hospitals and we learned there wasn’t a shortage of nurses, hospitals just didn’t want to hire and pay for them.
  6. sergel02

    Rant About Covid Antivaxxers

    I think what frustrates me now compared to earlier is how many beds unvaccinated patients with COVID are taking up in the hospital. Before Covid we could reduce risk with distancing and masks only but people still got COVID clearly. Now like 98%...
  7. sergel02

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    I think the ratios are essential but as a RN in California where we do have mandated ratios we are still bleeding staff. I’ve been thinking of leaving bedside all together. Staffing would be great. I know travelers are pricey but many hav...
  8. sergel02

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    I don’t really understand your view so maybe you can explain, since I know others feel the same as you. Being vaccinated reduces risk of transmission. Many studies have shown that. Obviously not zero though. But why is it naive or bad for a...
  9. sergel02

    How to deal with change of shift admits

    Nursing is 24 hour care, especially in the hospital. The fact that you did all that was more than most would have done or been able to. The beginning of the shift is super busy but unless something major is happening to the nurse who got that patient...
  10. sergel02

    Leaving bedside after pandemic

    Every new job I had ended up being a bit better than the last. With more experience you start to realize what you like and don’t like. I’ve been a bedside nurse for over 3 years and unless I end up finding a unit I really like, I don’t thin...
  11. sergel02

    California Nurse: Ratio Laws and Rest Periods

    Definitely not normal at my facility thankfully. The break nurse covers one nurse at a time and when they aren’t available then the charge nurse will break one. Sometimes if we are behind then they both break someone. Also sometimes we break each oth...
  12. sergel02

    Adult med-surg to peds? Advice...

    No sadly. Been about 2 years. The peds unit is going through a lot of changes right now anyway with no manager or director. I took a new position in the hospital so we’ll see what happens in a year or two.
  13. sergel02

    Adult med-surg to peds? Advice...

    I’m in a similar boat with adult oncology experience hoping to get into peds. Best of luck to us both!
  14. sergel02

    office pedi RN to hospital pedi RN?

    It’ll be hard but having some peds experience will be helpful. Getting an interview is the hardest part IMO.
  15. sergel02

    Sad series of peds hem-onc patient deaths

    Not a peds nurse but I am a heme-onc/BMT nurse, so I get what you're saying. The transplants and chemo themselves aren't usually that bad, but the after effects of chemo and the GVHD is absolutely awful. We've had some poor patients who are in their ...