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  1. sergel02

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    3:1 can be very busy in NICU, I've noticed. Everyone seems to feed at the same time, depending on your hospital. My hospital was 3:1 for the longest time for the feeder/growers, etc., but just last year they went strictly 2:1 for them.
  2. sergel02

    NICU (Pros and Cons)

    There are lots of topics on the board with people discussing the good and bad. I only have 2nd-hand experience from what others have told me, but some of it is relative: since you're still pre-nursing some of the good and bad might not mean as much to you. The good of not breaking your back to clean a baby doesn't have a ton of weight unless you've tried to turn and clean an adult, for example. Friends told me the babies aren't on their call-lights all the time asking for a sandwich, coffee, or to help to the bathroom, but I didn't really appreciate that fact until I started working and my patient would call me for the littlest thing lol
  3. sergel02

    CP/DD kids exhaust me, am I a bad person?

    I used to be afraid to ask for a change I assignment but it got too much, and sometimes the charge nurses dont know or dont realize how taxing a patient or their family is. I think just asking for a break for one shift or so may do wonders.
  4. sergel02

    Interview Questions for nursing WITH experience?

    Thanks for the help everyone. I didnt think about them asking why I would go to peds, though it's a pretty obvious one now that I think of it. Both my unit and the peds unit give chemotherapy so I wonder how in depth they will go.
  5. sergel02

    HemOnc RN resident and posterior fossa syndrome

    Hmm I wonder if it has anything to do with the diagnosis. I'm a new oncology nurse as well and I've given reglan without benadryl before.
  6. There are a lot of threads for interviews for new grads and the questions to expect in a pediatric interview, but what about nurses coming from a different field like adult med surg? Do you think it would be similar to a new grad, given the lack of pediatric experience?
  7. sergel02

    How do you administer your chemo?

    Thanks! Aren't a lot of the ALL protocols for adults at least 2 years as well? We are using the volutrols hospital wide but I feel like it's not super safe for the chemo. They only hold a finite amount and every couple hours, depending on the rate, you are refilling it. For 24 hour chemo It's a lot of messing with the lines and bags. Do kids have 24 hour chemo as well?
  8. sergel02

    How do you administer your chemo?

    By that I mean do you give it through a bag, syringe pump, or use a volume limiting chamber like a volutrol burrette system? All adults at my hospital now use a volume limiting chamber for all chemo but it made me wonder what pediatric patients use. I imagine the regimens would be similar but the volumes probably different due to their BSA.
  9. sergel02

    Chemo labs

    I'm pretty curious about this as well. I know with lots of chemo we of course look at their CBC, but after that it's hard to know which labs I need to see for which chemo and what to do.
  10. sergel02

    Why pediatrics?

    Ya know, Turkey seen extractor isn't something I ever though about but now I'll probably never forget it lol.
  11. sergel02

    What's night shift like in pediatrics?

    That 7 to 11 time is definitely relatable on adults so that's nice. It's like we have vitals, evening meds, and assessments to do and chart and that doesn't include anything extra like pain meds or blood cultures, or calling lab or pharmacy to clarify things, or admissions. After 11 it tends to slow down sometimes on my unit though there is chemo to give in the middle of the night.
  12. sergel02

    Weight based calculations

    I just gotta say that a 5 year old weighing 14 pounds sounds super funny to me lol
  13. sergel02

    Day in the Life of a Peds Onc RN

    It definitely seems like a field not for most people, but the ones it is made for absolutely love what they do.
  14. sergel02

    The Underestimated Benefit of Ancillary Staff

    The staff makes it so much better! I was at a place that only had nurses and a secretary. No nursing assistants or phlebotomy. My new place has secretaries, nursing assistants, and a lab team who does our labs for us. It makes a world of difference.
  15. sergel02

    What's night shift like in pediatrics?

    Something I'm enjoying about nights is having less people pull you in a million directions. On the other hand, it's hard because you have fewer resources. IV therapy leaves out hospital at 10 so if an IV infiltrates or something, you're on your own. Well you could call Rapid Response but there are only a couple of them at nights. Our peds unit is med/surg and heme/onc, so I guess there is a bit of variety when it comes to it and how nights are. Kids seem like they sleep earlier than adults do, but I dunno how that translates into the hospital.