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  1. sergel02

    California Nurse: Ratio Laws and Rest Periods

    Definitely not normal at my facility thankfully. The break nurse covers one nurse at a time and when they aren’t available then the charge nurse will break one. Sometimes if we are behind then they both break someone. Also sometimes we break each other and try not to go over our ratios though honestly it does happen.
  2. sergel02

    Adult med-surg to peds? Advice...

    I’m in a similar boat with adult oncology experience hoping to get into peds. Best of luck to us both!
  3. sergel02

    office pedi RN to hospital pedi RN?

    It’ll be hard but having some peds experience will be helpful. Getting an interview is the hardest part IMO.
  4. sergel02

    Sad series of peds hem-onc patient deaths

    Not a peds nurse but I am a heme-onc/BMT nurse, so I get what you're saying. The transplants and chemo themselves aren't usually that bad, but the after effects of chemo and the GVHD is absolutely awful. We've had some poor patients who are in their 20s die due complications. The hard thing in this field is that we see them suffer and sometimes die, but we don't see all the ones who are flourishing and thriving because of the care and treatments we gave. We give them their last chemo or their transplant, and if everything goes well, we don't see them again. It's when they start getting complications or go into relapse that we see them again. It's hard to remember all the good when the bad is so hard, but it is out there. Plus, every year research and medicine in cancer is improving.
  5. sergel02

    Preparing to be a NICU Nurse

    I did a quick search online out of curiosity and here is one study explaining it a little. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/article-abstract/2728461 Reuters had a decent summary of it https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-nicu-race-idUSKCN1R62AV "NICU quality was determined based on nine factors, such as infant mortality during birth hospitalization, health-care associated bacterial or fungal infection, a timely eye exam, and chronic lung disease. When the researchers analyzed the quality of hospitals that the very low birthweight babies ended up, they found that minorities tended to end up at different hospitals than whites and that black babies were more likely to be treated at a lower-quality NICU than white babies. Edwards doesn't know yet why black infants are more likely to end up at a lower quality NICU and says that is a topic for future research. "Black people don't always end up at the closest hospital to them," she said. "And we don't necessarily know why. Certainly there are a number of theories. It could be related to insurance and which hospitals accept which insurance. Where deliveries occur could depend on whether a physician has (is authorized) to deliver at a particular hospital."'
  6. sergel02

    Is it time to stop? Adult to Neonatal.

    Getting a bit frazzled when starting somewhere new especially without experience is pretty normal; part of the reason we have preceptors. Remember to take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand.
  7. sergel02

    My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    I work in a BMT unit with lots of central lines and I swear I dont have an IV skills. I'm a lot less scared doing them now than before though. I can usually get it in, and that's the easy part for most people. Securing it is another story though.
  8. sergel02

    Poll: What do you love about the NICU?

    How do they fall out of bed? I imaginet they are a bit wiggly. Whenever I hold a baby I always worry about dropping them.
  9. sergel02

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    3:1 can be very busy in NICU, I've noticed. Everyone seems to feed at the same time, depending on your hospital. My hospital was 3:1 for the longest time for the feeder/growers, etc., but just last year they went strictly 2:1 for them.
  10. sergel02

    NICU (Pros and Cons)

    There are lots of topics on the board with people discussing the good and bad. I only have 2nd-hand experience from what others have told me, but some of it is relative: since you're still pre-nursing some of the good and bad might not mean as much to you. The good of not breaking your back to clean a baby doesn't have a ton of weight unless you've tried to turn and clean an adult, for example. Friends told me the babies aren't on their call-lights all the time asking for a sandwich, coffee, or to help to the bathroom, but I didn't really appreciate that fact until I started working and my patient would call me for the littlest thing lol
  11. sergel02

    Poll: What do you love about the NICU?

    A coworker of mine who went from adults to NICU jokes they one of his favorite things is how the patients dont argue or get mad at you. Sure the family might, he said, but that is true in any unit. Also you dont have to worry about them falling out of bed.
  12. sergel02

    Time commitment for NRP?

    I took it as a student before preventing and only took a couple hours total. Didnt make much sense though. Like NICU Guy said, a lot of employers will pay for it. Our instructor even said it is beneficial mostly to those that actually work in the field.
  13. sergel02

    Retuximab administration help

    Our hospital had a policy that if it isn't for cancer, then any nurse can administer it, like how some patients gets oral chemo for sickle cell. That said, it doesn't specify PPE in our policy. Pharmacy doesn't prime it like a chemo either. I still gown up and use the connectors like any other chemo.
  14. sergel02

    CP/DD kids exhaust me, am I a bad person?

    I used to be afraid to ask for a change I assignment but it got too much, and sometimes the charge nurses dont know or dont realize how taxing a patient or their family is. I think just asking for a break for one shift or so may do wonders.
  15. sergel02

    Interview Questions for nursing WITH experience?

    Thanks for the help everyone. I didnt think about them asking why I would go to peds, though it's a pretty obvious one now that I think of it. Both my unit and the peds unit give chemotherapy so I wonder how in depth they will go.
  16. sergel02

    HemOnc RN resident and posterior fossa syndrome

    Hmm I wonder if it has anything to do with the diagnosis. I'm a new oncology nurse as well and I've given reglan without benadryl before.

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