How do I tell employer I got a new job?

  1. 0 So I have worked as a PCT in a ICU for 3 years now. Recently I was offered a position for ER tech in another hospital. (better pay and better benefits)

    This is the first time I need to tell an employer I'm leaving so what is the proper way to go about it? I know i need to give at least 2 weeks notice, which is ok because I don't start orientation for the new job until mid september.

    Also I would like to stay on per diem at the current employer.
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    Put your 2 week notice in writing and put that you would LOVE to stay PRN in the same letter and take it to your manager and talk about it.

    Congrats you'll have so much fun in the ER!
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    In writing- and keep a copy


    I have learned a lot in my position here at _________, and value the experience greatly. However, I have accepted another position that begins _(date)___ . My last day here will be [I](two weeks notice)[/I] Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunities I've had here. I hope that if something changes in the future, I might be considered for reemployment .



    Be sure to give 2 weeks notice and work the full number of days. Employers are used to these things- part of doing business. You just want to be sure and not burn any bridges
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    In writing, due to the fact I have accepted a full time position elsewhere, I would like to change my status to per diem. I have enjoyed my expirence here and,,,, Blah blah blah, which is why I hope that staying on per diem is acceptable thank you Blah blah

    good luck I hope this helps
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    ditto. you don't want to burn any bridges. congrats on the new job.
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    Dear Nurse Manager,

    I am writing to submit my resignation from my position as PCT in ICU, effective at the conclusion of my shift on September 1, 2011. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to care for patients in the ICU setting. I have enjoyed this challenge. If a per diem position becomes available, I would respectfully request your consideration for continued employment.

    Thank you.


    Jane Doe, PCT
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    well it could be more like a 4 weeks notice considering you dont have to start till mid-september. Hopefully you have a good reputation there and they will keep you around.
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    Quote from brandon2011
    well it could be more like a 4 weeks notice considering you dont have to start till mid-september. Hopefully you have a good reputation there and they will keep you around.
    A good name is better than silver or good.
    A good reputation is MAJOR, plus you have good work ethics and abide by standards, they will make room for you and be more accepting.

    Most people don't realise how much reputation counts, until they need something. Forget that I can be a shrew() sometimes and do it on purpose, a good reputation is major.
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    Written letter of resignation is all that is necessary, you need not even state the reason why you are leaving is another job. Just give you last day of work.
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