Home care?

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    What's everyone think about it? Pros and cons? Thanks!

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    I did it for 8 years and I loved it.Every day was different and you met a wide variety of people.I had many regular clients and I really was treated like one of the family. I also liked taking care of the same people for long periods if time.You also get to work independently.Sometimes not having coworkers around is a good thing.It is an excellent job if you are good at thinking independently.I worked in a rural area so I got to do plenty if driving around which I enjoyed.
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    Thanks for your input! That's what I was thinking, too. Any downsides?
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    I've been doing it for two years and love it and plan to continue doing it as I advance my education. (PRN) the downside you may go into a situation that you aren't familiar with....environment you don't like too much. I agree with previous poster I have became a part of their family. I kept one client the past 1.5 year and plan to stay with her until I find a job as an LPN. My agency won't hire me until I have 6 months LTC experience. For me I feel like home health you give better patient care. You focus on one person vs having 15-20 or more to take care of. The quality of care is focused on that single individual while you are with them. I'm not saying LTC doesn't get great care but having many patients to take care of decreases that one on one time.
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    Ej, have you felt uncomfortable in a home before? Any specifics you can share? I think that's what I'm unsure about.
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    There will always be homes where you feel more comfortable in than others.Some folks are uncomfortable with the idea of homecare and are ill at ease with you there.Others by the time you have been there a few minutes you feel like you have known them for years. You have to be open minded and remember not to judge how people live.
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    I love it. You might be uncomfortable for a day but thats it. If you really want out i always just tell the agency to get me out lol.
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    Thanks for the input, all!
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    Its been at least 8 years since Ive done home care. I liked it, but not loved it. It kinda isolated me from the real world. And less active. But I did do it for a year or so and got back in a hospital. I felt more like a maid than a cna doing home care. To each their own.
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    do u have to be a CNA to apply for a job in home care?

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