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    Depends on the company. One I'm looking at will hire non CNAs with a pay decrease. Although I'd assume they prefer certified people. But who knows?

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    I posted a topic about it today, http://allnurses.com/cna-ma-nursing/...vs-759847.html

    Anyway, I dont like it much. I've been doing it since Feb and its my first job as a CNA.

    PROS: You get to see the same clients each week (from my experience), you can get extra hours a lot from people calling out from work, some places will provide a nice travel pay.

    CONS: If a person has a dirty house or smokes - you will have to deal with it unless you specify non smokers (which I have found decrases the # clients you can take on), if there are no free clients in your area - YOU HAVE NO WORK!

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