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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this... Read More

  1. by   emmyers
    missmichelle, I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but I disagree with you completely. I don't think it matters at all if we share info on the format of the interviews, it's the questions we can't share. Just because you weren't informed about the format of the interview, doesn't mean it's wrong for others to be. And this cut throat mentality will only get you so far. What about people who are reapplying the second year around, they are already obviously aware of the format; the only thing that changes for them is the questions, and there's a reason for that. It's because the MOST important factor for them is to find out WHO we are, not whether you can type or write better. I mean seriously, she was only asking if it's written or typed. To think that info gives someone an "edge" is a bit obtuse.

    Sushioconnor, I would suggest contacting them about the format, and I wish you the BEST of luck in getting in!!! And congrats again on getting accepted into PCC, I'm sure you'll rock at the CCC interview too!
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  2. by   missmichelle

    The impression that I got from my previous interviewers is that to share ANYTHING may hurt your chances at getting accepted. I, personally, would rather not take that chance. I figure that if they wanted us to know the format or any other details, they would have informed all of the applicants in their invitation letters.

    I do, however, understand that some people may have disabilities, which is why I suggested SushiOConnor to contact the school directly.

    Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You may be right, but I would rather play it safe when it comes to something as important as this.
  3. by   emmyers
    that or they just don't want to make extra work for themselves and expect students to have initiative. and the do make such information available, if you go to an info session and ask questions. in my own experience, there were many questions answered on format at the info sessions i attended. you yourself even asked a question about the essay format on this website:
    "i am curious to know if there are multiple ones that we will be answering or if there will be just one that we will address in essay format."
    (so much for playing it safe) i really do not see how your question was any different than asking... oh say, if it's typed or written. you blew her question out of proportion.
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  4. by   Lilpoka
    It's sad to see so much tension on here! I know this is super important to all of us, but the tone has gone sour. The interview process is really stressful and our future rides on how we do. I have read many posts this year, and last, that gives a little idea what the "format" is like. I would never want to -not- help someone, but I understand too that I don't want to hurt my own chances. That being said, I feel that our responses on here should remain positive and upbeat. So I will say this:

    Everyone who got accepted, YAY! Make the best of your schooling to become an awesome nurse. Everyone who got an interview, YAY! That's incredible that you stood out for your hard work, above HUNDREDS of other applicants. Everyone who is on a waitlist, YAY! You have a good chance to still make it. And everyone that is getting ready for their interview, YAY! Stay relaxed. The essay portion of ANY school is stressful. Then to follow with an interview, while your nerves are still hot, is a challenge. But like my fiance said, he thinks that it is not just writing the essay, but how well you perform under stress. You have a limited time to write and then go into the interview where they can see if you are frazzled or calm. I had not looked at it like that, but it makes sense. So try to relax, love the place your are in your life, and really know what your morals and values are. It will help you.

    Best of luck to everyone, no matter where you are in the process! And I don't have a problem saying that the essay portion is typed! Keep us posted!
  5. by   portland medic
    Eh... we're all battling to try and get accepted into programs. We should try not to battle eachother. When I created this post I was hoping to create a forum where people could share their experiences with applying and perhaps glean some insight from other peoples acceptances / rejections to programs. I know this has been an incredibly competitive process, and the pressure of the process can feel suffocating at times, but let's try and keep it positive on here so people want to keep coming back and share their experiences.
  6. by   nursesarak
    Hey PCC people,

    I'm paranoid and just want to double check - the first orientation is 6/5 from 9-11? I called the health admissions number and left a message asking for more information last week and no one has called me back. I'm not sure how they expect us to know when, where, etc.... Anyone else wondering, worried about this?
  7. by   niskagirl
    Hey nursesarak,

    I remember before the essay started one of the instructors gave some information. I believe the orientation was going to be held in the PAC building, this is the large white glass building between the Library and CT building. It was supposed to be held on 6/5. Hope this helps, sorry I can't remember what time.
  8. by   nwnursing
    I verified yesterday (actually talked to someone) that it was 9-11. I don't know where on campus. I didn't verify the date, but we all seemed to agree it was the 5th.

    I bet we get a letter in the next day or two as well. Until then, I would block that off on your calendar.
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  9. by   newnurse2015
    Hi. I have been reading this thread for about a month. Thank you to all the encouragement it has given me. I too am hoping to get into nursing school this fall.

    I just wanted to let you know I talked with ------- from PCC and the "INFORMATION SESSION" on June 5, 2012 from 9-11am is not mandatory. It is opened to all accepted and wait listed students. Mandatory meetings don't begin until September.
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  10. by   nwnursing
    Clackamas interview done!

    I can't decide how to spend the rest of my day: clean my messy house or watch bad TV on the couch? Decisions, decisions...
  11. by   Lilpoka
    Congrats on being DONE nwnursing! I think what you do next might depend on how well you feel after your interview. If you think it went well, clean the house and feel good about your surroundings...if it didn't go so well, sit and watch a bad movie because you won't really care how bad it is anyway, lol.

    I am hoping it well!
  12. by   nwnursing
    I ended up doing a bit of both.

    I think the interview went well. I so much prefer the interview setting over proctored essays.
  13. by   SushiOConnor
    PHEW!!! Done with my CCC interview as well! nwnursing, hope yours was a positive experience too! I also managed to drop off my PCC seat verification today! It was worth the $50 for my peace of mind knowing they know I WANT that seat.
    Since it's a nice day I just might try to pipe up a second zone on the sprinkler system, finish the dishes then splurge and make frozen pizza (with extra sauce and cheese and veggies of course!)