How many OR rooms?

  1. Hello!

    Just wondering how many rooms y'all have? Our hospital has 25 and then 5 rooms in the new heart center. That seems huge!!! I feel like I'll get lost :spin: ! Do you usually keep the same block of rooms all shift, or can it be all over the place? Thanks!
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  3. by   Scrubby
    We have 15 elective theatres, 2 dedicated trauma theatres, 2 cardiothoracic theatres and a seperate burns theatre. We also have a radiology procedure room as well.
  4. by   FA to CRNA2b
    12 ambulatory, 14 inpatient, 6 cardiac, and 5 women's.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    6 dedicated to ortho, 3 dedicated to cardiac, 1 trauma, 1 cysto, 5 ambulatory, 10 inpatient, 1 robotic, 4 ob/gyn, 6 outpatient in another building
  6. by   maeyken
    We have 12, plus 2 cysto rooms
  7. by   KayceeCA
    We have 11 rooms in our major OR, then 4 more in outpatient surgery. Our typical room breakdown is 3 ortho rooms, 1 trauma room, 1 cardiac room, 1 cysto room, 2 neuro rooms, and 2 general rooms. We have one room that is not currently being utilized as an OR. We store our robotic supplies as well as some of our ortho supplies in there. The plan is to reconstruct that one and the one next to it into one big room and make it a dedicated robotic room. That'll be nice since it's a real pain dragging the robotic carts up and down the hallway.

    The last OR where I worked was a freestanding outpatient surgery center, and we had 8 rooms.

    The hospital before that was the major OR of a large university hospital. We had 12 rooms in the major OR - can't remember how many in outpatient surgery since I never worked there. The breakdown in the major OR was 2 heart rooms, 1 trauma room, 2 neuro rooms, 3 ortho rooms, 1 cysto room, one laparoscopic room (laparoscopic was just becoming popular at that time), and 2 plastics rooms. General could be done in any of those rooms with the exception of 1 of the heart rooms and the trauma room.

    The first hospital where I worked also had 12 rooms. Four of those were dedicated heart rooms. I can't remember the breakdown of the other rooms since I worked primarily in the heart rooms.
  8. by   fracturenurse
    We have 8 rooms in the main OR, and 4 rooms in outpatient surgery. I worked in a hospital where the main OR only had 3 rooms as well!
  9. by   MamaCheese
    We have 18. They do specials (cardiac caths, GI, etc..) elsewhere in the hospital.