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LittleWing21 has 12 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Camp Nursing, Outpatient Pediatrics, IBCLC.

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  1. LittleWing21

    cape cod nurses

    Nice to meet y'all! Esf- definitely try at CCH & Falmouth. When I graduated in '08 it was difficult, though not impossible, to get a job there as a new grad. Having a BSN should help. I'm not sure if they even have a nurse recruiter, sadly, but they may. You might try working as a CNA there first if that's an option for you. There's also the Southcoast Hospitals and Jordan Hospital that many nurses on the Cape commute to. Be a little leery of nursing homes. They seem to welcome new grads with open arms....but often don't provide the support that's needed. Good luck!!!! Resanite- CCCC's nursing program is such a hidden gem! I loved it and felt super prepared for my NCLEX! My advice for school? Color-coded flashcards. That helped me soooo much. Sanity on the Cape? Good luck!!! Haha jk! I'm sure you'll find classmates who help you with that :) For me, it was the girls in my first clinical group. I can speak from experience- it can be hard if you're a wash-a-shore! Good luck to you too!
  2. LittleWing21

    cape cod nurses

    I live and work on Cape Cod! :)
  3. I'd check out the Healthy Children course. I did it last spring and it was fabulous!!! http://www.healthychildren.cc/CLC.HTM They host workshops all around the country. Good luck!
  4. LittleWing21


    Trying to gather some information on these home healthcare agencies. I'm interested in possibly doing pediatric home health (on the Cape). Anyone have recent experience with either company? I'm concerned that since the work is per diem, that it may be difficult to get enough hours. Any info about starting pay or bennies would be great too, thanks!! :)
  5. LittleWing21

    Faking it? How to tell?

    You laugh, but I've seen it happen!!! Some kids are professional fakers! I had one girl who didn't even respond to painful stimuli....however, when I told her that her dad was going to have to pick her up early from camp, she somehow managed to snap out of it! It really is psychological warfare. Try to understand where they're coming from, and why they're faking symptoms. Often, the "fakers" have very vague GI symptoms. But the best way to tell is to get to know the kid. Get them away from other campers and use your therapeutic communication skills to get them to open up. Treating homesickness is a huuuge part of the job description :)
  6. LittleWing21

    New Rn as camp supervisor

    I didn't have a huge amount of experience when I was a camp nurse, and it went just fine! I'd brush up on the biggest issues you may encounter (for me it was Lyme disease and poison ivy). When in doubt, contact the parent/guardian even just to help you sleep better at night. Learn about your local resources, such as outpatient walk-in centers and nearby hospitals. Listen to your gut. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :)
  7. LittleWing21

    Frontier- Statistics & Physical Assessment

    hello! long time no post for this gal :) i'll be applying to frontier in the near future, and i have a question about the statistics & physical assessment course pre-reqs. do these courses have to be taken before applying? or just before frontier bound? thanks!
  8. LittleWing21


    I'm very curious as to what CNMs' schedules are like too. I've tried asking on this board before, but didn't get too many answers. Seems to vary a lot...which is sort of daunting in a "what could I be getting myself into" kind of way. Good luck finding answers!
  9. LittleWing21

    Frontier: Amount of clinical work

    Thanks Klone! The 6-9 months for clinical is the recommendation for part-time? It looked like for full-time, they blocked off 3 terms for it (9 months) which made me think that it would be longer for part-time. Guess not though!
  10. LittleWing21

    Frontier: Amount of clinical work

    i tried to search for this on allnurses to no avail! about how many hrs per week do you spend completing the clinical requirements when you attend frontier part-time? must be so hard if you're working full-time. i'm trying to see if this will be practical! thanks!!:)
  11. LittleWing21

    Cape Cod RN Pay

    I think it's around $23 (for a new grad at least) but I'm not positive. So maybe $25/26 for you? Sorry I can't be more help!
  12. LittleWing21

    Being the only camp nurse

    It's been great!!!! Awesome location and a great group of people working here. They haven't had a full time nurse since 2006, so it was a little tricky getting started (I had to throw out sooo much stuff and restock!!!). We had little ones for the first week, and that kept me quite busy. It seems to have slowed down a bit with the older campers being here. I think the hardest part for me is having enough confidence. Since I'm only 25, I'm not much of an authority figure and when it comes to health care and stuff, EVERYONE thinks their way is the best. A lot of the staff have been sick; one of our counselors was sick by the second day of precamp and it seems to be going around. Everyone eats together (family style), sleeps in tight quarters, and shares everything!!! To be continued.......I need mroe privacy! haha
  13. LittleWing21

    Is 8 months worthless?

    i'm moving back to my home in mass (crazy, i know) with 8 months of tele med/surg under my belt. i know that 1 yr is the magic number, but will 8 months give me any advantage? i've heard the hiring climate is horrendous in ma right now. i have secured a job for the summer as a camp nurse, but i will be applying soon for a job after that is through. i am hoping to go to an outpt setting...but have a feeling i'll just have to take what i can get!
  14. LittleWing21

    Pediatrician's office -New RN

    How did it go?
  15. LittleWing21

    MA School Nurse: BSN needed?

    hmmm may have answered my own question....It all seems so vague!!! I just saw somewhere that BSN and 3 yrs experience are required (plus a teaching cert.). No wonder they're in demand! lol
  16. LittleWing21

    MA School Nurse: BSN needed?

    Do you need a BSN to be a school nurse in Massachusetts? Is this a state wide regulation or just a requirement that varies from school to school? In the job postings I've seen, some list a BSN as a req and others do not. I have my BS in sports med and a ADN. Thanks!

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