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  1. FA to CRNA2b

    What jobs can a CNA get??

    It also depends on your particular facility. My hospital system is all RN, period.
  2. FA to CRNA2b

    How hard is Microbiology?

    Micro is fun. It was one of my favorite classes of all time, next to chemistry.
  3. FA to CRNA2b

    How do I become a RN from CNA?

    Yes, I've heard that somewhere but definitely not in my area.
  4. FA to CRNA2b

    How do I become a RN from CNA?

    Pre-requisites are generally anatomy, physiology, chemistry, developmental psychology, nutrition, ethics, statistics, microbiology, and math. Programs vary, so check your local school's website.
  5. FA to CRNA2b

    How do I become a RN from CNA?

    You go through two or four years of nursing school and sit for the NCLEX to become an RN. None of the CNA classes will apply to the RN program.
  6. FA to CRNA2b

    LTC - Northern Virginia

    Have you looked on Inova's website for their LTC locations? Also, there are positions at local hospitals--just much fewer. Are you a new grad?
  7. FA to CRNA2b

    Becoming a nurse then going to law school?

    The University of Maryland had a joint MSN-JD program.
  8. FA to CRNA2b

    Stopped at 85...FAILED

    I had 75 and passed. Many people pass with a 75 so what that professor said was nonsense.
  9. FA to CRNA2b

    Don't Be Angry - Part III

    Doesntlookgood, I've always loved flying, since the first day I got my wings 23 years ago. It's difficult for those who have never lived the life of a crewmember to understand. I went to nursing school after 9/11 because of the instability of the airline industry. It was a practical choice rather than one of true passion or calling, as you say. Since 9/11, the airlines have lost over 100k employees so you are not alone. I believe that there is something else out there for you and me. I know that nursing is not the answer for you either by the title of your thread. Have you thought of starting a blog for airline people who are now in the medical field? Maybe post a new thread over on USAviation.com. There is life after flying!
  10. FA to CRNA2b

    Don't Be Angry - Part III

    I'm a flight attendant as well as a nurse. I'm sorry you sound down.
  11. FA to CRNA2b

    How do you deal with an insensitive CNA?

    Mine too.
  12. FA to CRNA2b

    How do you deal with an insensitive CNA?

    Report her to the board. Have her license revoked. If someone treated my mother like that, I would take it to the top.
  13. FA to CRNA2b

    How exactly do you become an OR nurse?

    No. To become a perioperative nurse, you go through a long fellowship. You can be an ADN or BSN nurse.
  14. FA to CRNA2b

    How Many CRNAs Per Hospital?

    My hospital has 65 CRNAs and 55 MDAs.
  15. FA to CRNA2b

    Is it feasible to work during nursing school?

    I worked full time as an international flight attendant, flying out every Friday evening and returning Sunday afternoons. I have three small children as well. I have a lot of support though, with a full-time live-in nanny/housekeeper and lots of family. It was hard though since I barely had any time to study and had to 'get' the material the first time around. No time to review stuff twice. My secret was listening to recorded lectures as often as possible--while getting ready in the bathroom, driving, walking to/from class, basically all the time. Also, I used to connect my computer to the big screen TV so I could lie down flat while looking at power point slides with notes. I'm glad that's over! It can be done but you'll have to stick to a plan and make a few sacrifices.