Do you let sales reps open items in your OR? - page 2

by rbs105 | 2,749 Views | 11 Comments

Hi everyone- I am wondering if you could share whether or not you allow sales reps to open implants, instruments, etc in the OR? Or do you have a policy that requires them handing it to the circulator to open it? Does anyone... Read More

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    Another reason not to let reps open items on the field is that they make money for every item they sell. I have had reps try to sneek items onto the field so we would have to pay for them.
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    Absolutely NOT!!! I walked out of my room to get a tray once and one of the 5 reps opened an implant without telling me nor did he leave the implant sticker. That basically ended up being a whole mess as far as him not getting paid for 2 months for an item he said was placed and me saying it was not because it was not on my record. A big giant mess because he decided to go against the rules and me not bending because I did not give it nor will I record it.

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