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  1. lithotomy position

    Our AORN book has magically reappeared and in the positioning section for lithotomy, the legs are placed in stirrups and removed from stirrups simultaneously, but when lowering to bed must be done one at a time.
  2. lithotomy position

    Thanks so much for your reply-I guess the old dog must learn some new tricks...:)
  3. lithotomy position

    I've ben in OR 35+ years. When transitioning patient from lithotomy to supine, I was taught to raise/lower both legs at the same time. The new nurses we recently hired say that the new way is to lower one leg at a time to decrease blood pressure drop...
  4. disinfection of lead aprons

    We have the cleaning of lead aprons on our monthly cleaning list. We also use Sani-wipes, so I am interested to hear if this is appropriate and what other places use. Thanks for this question.
  5. Scrub caps

    Our hospital has a local laundry service that will launder cloth hat for $.25 each. If you choose to do this, no disp. bouffant over it is required. This is completely on the honor system. Otherwise, we either wear disp bouffant over cloth cap or alo...
  6. OR Coordinator

    We do nothing with the C-arm; not even position it or bring it in the room. If the doctor is impatient he can get it himself, which they never will. Scope of practice has never been mentioned; if any damage occurs to the C-arm with no rad tech presen...
  7. Eggcrate pads

    Sorry, I'm not following-do you mean the rubber-type ones at target in kitchen supplies? I've only seen these in 12 inches. Where do you get them? And how do you tuck arms? Thanks
  8. Eggcrate pads

    We have just started using eggcrates only under patients who will be in steep trendelenburg or reverse. We are basically making up this positioning as we go along until we find what works best. Anyone been using these? Do you put the drawsheet for ar...
  9. scrub brushes

    My supervisor is getting ready for Joint Commission visits next year. In her research, she found some articles about not using scrub brushes in preparing hands for surgery due to exfoliation and possible skin damage. She is assuming that the foam sid...
  10. Implant sheets

    My hospital has recently gone to EPIC computer system which requires us to put all information about implants-exp. date, lot/serial # in computer, but we are also still filling out paper implant sheets. We nurses feel this is too much repetition, but...
  11. warmed saline

    No we don't; probably what we need. The warming unit that the sales rep brought in was supposed to get to 70C and hold to make implant malleable.
  12. warmed saline

    We have the standard saline/blanket warmers, but this is not warm enough to make the implant malleable.
  13. warmed saline

    Doing an orbital fracture-the warmer that the sales rep brought in to warm the absorbable implant did not work. This was discovered when the Dr. needed the implant. He had me warm an unopened bottle of NaCl in the microwave for 2 min. It didn't explo...
  14. Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    Worked nights when kids were little and never felt rested. I really think it's your circadian rhythm that determines your ability to do it.
  15. What do you LOVE about being an OR nurse?

    Just read a great book on introverts/extroverts and realized one of the reasons I love OR nursing is-one case/patient at a time no matter how many add-ons are stacking up. I am in charge of my one room and that's perfect. ICU/ER is too much hoopla fo...