Call pay?

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    Just curious for those OR nurses who take call...what do you get an hour to take call?

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    A whopping $2 to carry the pager. Time and a half if called in, minimum of 2 hours. So if I were to be called in for an appy and was only there for 90 minutes, I'd still get paid for 2 hours at time and a half.
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    $5/hr currently just to be on call. Time-and-a-half when actually called in and 2 hr minimum pay like Sweet_Wild. I have gotten as low as $1.50/hr to carry my pager :/
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    $2.75 an hour to carry pager. Time-and-a-half if called in and a minimum of 2 hours.
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    Thank you all!
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    $3/hr to be "on call", time and a half if called in, 4 hour minimum.
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    On call is 1/2 of your hourly my area you're looking at $25+/hr for on call.
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    Quote from meandragonbrett
    On call is 1/2 of your hourly my area you're looking at $25+/hr for on call.
    Now that's how you get people to want to take call
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    $2.50/hr to be on call. 3 hour minimum if called in
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    I get $10/hr to be on call. I make $55/hr for PRN rate and I get time and half if I get called in. If the case is less than 2 hrs, I still get paid 2 hrs. I'm the in the DC/MD/VA where the rates are veryy good.

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