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SRNA4U has 24 years experience as a BSN, DNP, RN, CRNA and specializes in Anesthesia, ICU, OR, Med-Surg.

I have been an RN for 18 years with most of that time spent on active duty in the Air Force. I switched from active duty to the reserves to complete my anesthesia program. I work as a CRNA full-time in a surgicenter in the Bronx, NY area in addition to working per diem in a level 2 trauma hospital. I love the NYC area and there is so much to do. I work with a great group of anesthesia providers. I just finished my Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) degree with Midwestern University.

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  1. Hello, I am a CRNA in New York City and yes, the COVID pandemic is real here. I work in a 525 bed level 1 trauma facility and we are seeing high volumes of patients. We have ICUs on 5 different floors with all patients on vents. Everyday, there are R...
  2. Hello SRNA4U, I'm a new graduate nurse and leaving for BMT  in the Air force next week but my ultimate goal is to get the hpsp for crna school. My recruiter lied to me and didn't open up on a couple of things regarding sign on bonus, citizenship expedition and student loan help. If I knew what I know now 6months ago, I would probably wait till i qualify to be an officer. I applied for citizenship last Oct and will be getting my citizenship soon but since I'm already in the reserve, what your opinion about reservist being able to attend crna school and getting access to hpsp. Thanks

  3. Defasciculating dose before Succs?

    We know in anesthesia e4very drug has its side effects and unfortunately, Sux is one of them. I try not to use it unless I have an obese patient with a questionable airway or if I am doing a case where neuromonitoring of motor evoked potentials is be...
  4. How much did NP school prepare you?

    There isn't a direct correlation regarding the GRE exam and a person successfully completing an advanced practice nursing program. I completed CRNA school without the GRE exam and did very well.
  5. Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    As a new CRNA, the responsibility of taking care of the patient is on the same level as the anesthesiologist. A regular nurse could not do the same job as a CRNA. What you are observing on the periphery of what a CRNA does, prevents you from seeing w...
  6. help, which job do I pick??? CRNA vs. NP/RNFA

    Actually CRNAS can make just as much if not more in the surgicenter or GI clinic. I just finished CRNA school and many of us will be getting second jobs in GI clinic since they are paying over 110 hr in some locations. NPs re not making anywhere what...
  7. Highest rank Nurse(any branch)

    I did inactive reserves while in anesthesia school. I'm done with school as of next week. Took a job in New York City. Will be taking boards in May. I'll probably stay in NYC for 3 or 4 years and then I'm am hoping to go to either Germany or South Ko...
  8. Drexel CRNA Class of 2014

    Hello, I've been off active duty since Nov 2013. When I was in, CRNAS were getting 50,000 bonuses every year. But now they have too many crnas so I'm not sure if they're still offering it. I just took a job in NYC in the south Bronx where they're are...
  9. Drexel CRNA Class of 2014

    I live in the suburbs of philadelphia which is way cheaper than living in the city and you get more space and it's much safer. For Christiana, the school selects who will interview and stay there. I'm at chrisitiana and we only rotate out for peds. ...
  10. Drexel CRNA Class of 2014

    When I applied, it was back in Oct 2010 and I got my letter to interview around Dec/Jan time frame for a March interview date. I know the school does interviews in June as well. There were 12 selected for March and 12 for June interviews. They normal...
  11. Is CRNA school as difficult as people said?

    I study only 3 to 4 hours a night but mostly I spend the weekends catching up. Every school is different. Im in an integrated program and I worked per diem through out the program as an OR nurse without any problems. I'm a senior now and it definite...
  12. Any active duty Air Force CRNA's?

    Adjunct faculty meaning you are a clinical preceptor
  13. Any active duty Air Force CRNA's?

    As well all know there are biases in the U.S. New and world Report and they are not the gold standard for dictating which crna programs are better. Some.schools don't even participate in the surveys from the US News and World Report. If they looked a...
  14. Clinical Anxiety

    Hello, I'm a senior SRNA. It actually does get better by your senior senior year. The junior year does come with challenges but make sure you are confident, prepared, and well versed with your meds. The anesthesia profession love to see confidence po...
  15. Any active duty Air Force CRNA's?

    [quote=wtbcrna;6683505 2. Yes, you would receive a little more training, but military nurse anesthesia training is overall probably the best nurse anesthesia training there is. Hi WTBcrna I'm just wondering how you came to the conclusion that the m...