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    I know we have done this before but my manager is trying to get our call pay increased so I'm looking for updated amounts.

    What is your call pay just for being "on call"?

    Where are you located? State? City if willing??

    PM name or facility if desired.

    FYI we get $ sad.....Northeast TX

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    Seattle area- I think it is 4 an hour
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    $3/hr then time and a half if you go in. Detroit.
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    Springfield, IL. $2.25/hr while on call. Add time and one-half to base pay if actually punched in as "on call" and working.
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    Northern California. $4/hr. No recall pay. Hospital down the street gets $9.50/hr and time and a half if they are called back in.
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    Southern MN, $5.50 an hour.
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    $4/hr on call and time and a half when called back in - Atlanta.
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    $10/hr and time and a half when called in. Colorado..... Vail
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    $2/hour to be on call, 1.5 X base salary for a minimum of two hours if called in. PA.
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    Michigan...we get $4.00/hr and time and a half when called in....minimum of 2 hours pay when called in.
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